A series of Isometric E-Learning Animations that seek to support and teach employees within the UN on different Modules on their RCO Learning Path.

The Brief

We worked closely with UNSSC to produce 2 hero E-learning animations & some top & tails that would seek to support UN employees when they are learning about the educational content within the UN’s RCO Learning Path. The final animations work within previously established content to bring together the UN employees onto one forward trajectory looking ahead to the future.

Our Response

Establishing A Style

Due to the nature of this project being slightly different from your cut and dry ‘explainer video on the homepage’ there were special considerations we needed to make around the theming of the content and the consistent style that we aimed for. These E-learning animations needed to position the UNSSC’s RCO learning path as a meaningful and effective alternative to face-to-face learning, and authentically support the education content across the 12 modules. This meant establishing a bespoke and unique style within the UNSSC animations so that they could still live with the wider UN visuals, whilst also distancing themselves enough so they could stand out among the crowd.

Thematic Devices

It was clear early on that an isometric style would suit these E-learning animations and this was explored in a few different ways with how we could keep the videos interesting and engaging, whilst also keeping them consistent. To do this, we came up with a variety of different narrative devices that would help to stitch the 12 modules together into a cohesive learning experience for the audience learning about the content. These narrative devices would help us to keep the animations consistent with each other in an overall sense, yet each video could be slightly different and hone in on the specific content it is about.

Additional Media

In addition to the two longer hero animations for 2 of the modules, we also created 12 top & tails to nicely bookend some additional learning content that UNSSC would produce internally. Each of these modules followed the same process so that they would all be consistent with each other. Yet each one had it’s own bespoke assets to help set up the module and the content within.

The Results

The final longer animations help explain to a diverse and global audience within the UN about Sustainable Development Goals and Digital Futures, and what those mean for the UN and the world as a whole. They explain new concepts, and reframe old ones. Coming together to effectively teach people about a brighter future and what they can do to make it happen.

SDG Financing Animation

Digital Transformation Animation

What Our Client Said

“Exceptional work and a fantastic team, The Animation Guys were a joy to collaborate with. They provided us a title sequence and related graphics for our Children’s TV show which has quickly become iconic. The understood our vision and worked collaboratively with our team to create a product that we were thrilled with. We can’t want to work with them again and you shouldn’t hesitate to book them!”

Faraz Osman

Gold Wala

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