A conceptual 3D visualisation for Scottish based Fintech company AutoRek to strengthen their brand identity & online presence.

The Brief

AutoRek is a global provider of financial controls, data management and regulatory reporting software. They challenged us with creating a piece of abstract Fintech 3D animation & visualisation to sit as a moving video background and be used as additional assets throughout their website.

Our Response

Some of the early challenges in the project were to make sure that we highlighted the key services that AutoRek does & make sure to keep in mind the core values of the company. One of the challenges was to get a balance between conceptual and literal visuals. We needed to ensure that we represented the wide variety of services that Autorek offers, whilst still staying high concept and bespoke. Therefore, we had to come up with creative solutions to make sure we hit the nail on the head with the result finding this happy medium.

Another key point of the project was to fit this abstract visualisation into the brand guidelines and imagery already on the website, as well as AutoRek’s branding portfolio. Our animation had to fit seamlessly with the style of the rest of their website. We kept in mind throughout the design process that we were creating additional content that would be used throughout the website. 

The final Fintech 3D animation sits pride of place on their website, playing behind the white text. This means that any imagery and visuals had to be subtle enough as not to distract from the text. We kept a smooth gentle flow throughout the piece so that the motion of individual assets isn’t jarring for the audience. When completing projects such as this, it is important to constantly keep an eye on the end goal and remember who your audience is to ensure the final delivery of the animation is most effective.

The Result

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