A 3D promotional video for the Knowledge Transfer Network’s new product: The Innovation Canvas.

The Brief

As Innovate UK’s network partner, KTN provides innovation networking for businesses in line with its mission to drive growth in the UK. We were asked to create a 3D promotional video to capture the attention of businesses looking to improve their innovation capabilities. The video would act as an entry point to prompt people to find out more. Therefore more emphasis was placed on captivating visuals; portraying the core concept of innovation and it’s challenges, rather than the specifics of the product and how it works.

Our Response

At The Animation Guys, we work with clients who have projects at very different stages. You may already have the whole project fleshed out and ready to go. Sometimes clients come to us with just an idea and we help nurture that idea into a full fledged video. When working with KTN, we help to write a script that introduces the audience to the challenges of innovation. It focused around a series of carefully chosen adjectives that we felt best contextualised the process. This began the process and gave us a solid foundation to work from.

Animated Corporate Video

We then used these terms from the script as focus points to design each scene in the storyboard. When we designed the colour spectrum that you see in the final video, we drew inspiration for the style from the Innovation Canvas’ colour palette & brand. Using this colour pallette we developed the idea into a world of bold pinball-esque systems. We constructed the narrative to reflect how the process of innovation progresses from chaos to order. Starting with hectic, complex scenes and ending with clean and minimal.

Everyone knows that a soundtrack can truly be the icing on top of the cake to help finish it off and bring in even more emotion and tone that you want for your video. We knew this would be a key aspect of this 3d promotional video. It would help to align the visuals with some powerful music accompniment. We decided to complete this project by adding a slick high-impact soundtrack, to help carry the motivational tone of the video.

The Result

Overall we are very proud of the video that we produced for KTN. It helped to visualise the process and reason for innovation canvas. Whilst at the same time being visual stimulating and fun to watch.

What our client Said

“The Animation Guys were perfect for the animation we required. Their ideas for the somewhat open and abstract brief were creative and engaging. The final animation is high quality and was delivered in a rapid timescale. I’d recommend the friendly and professional team to anyone looking for an animation that really stands out from the rest.”

Jake Larsson – KTN

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