Grenson Motors is a family run business, which has been in operation for over 40 years. They needed an a way to help explain the services they offer when you buy a new car.

The Brief

Grenson Motors wanted to highlight the extra care that they take when working with their customers and the importance of protecting your vehicle and yourself. The Animation Guys were tasked with creating an interesting and engaging video that would illustrate these points in a captivating format. The decision was made to produce an insurance explainer video that would focus in on these key points. There was also the additional aim to increase conversions via Grensons website where the video will live.

Our Response

GAP cover can be an important shield for many car owners but can be difficult to understand at first or the relevance could be lost amongst all the other things new car owners are considering. Grenson asked us to create a insurance explainer video that they could play for their new car owners to quickly show the importance GAP insurance and physically show the potential outcome of their decisions down the line!

Insurance Animation

We felt the core message and core attraction of GAP insurance lay in protection. Peace of mind. Many car owners probably don’t even consider ‘the GAP’ (or for the Londoners… ‘mind it’) and this could really add insult to injury down the line! So we felt it was important to focus this insurance explainer video on that message. We decided using 2D animation for the video was the best method to convey this message

In the studio, we thought centring it around a family car journey would be a good context to set our story in and be an effective setting to reach the Grensons audience. When deciding what style to use,  we landed on keeping it light and cheery with a hint of quirky and lots of visual interest and gags! Our aim was to stack GAP cover with all the other basic elements that drivers carry with them when driving. Licence – check. Seat Belt – check. GAP insurance…? Then we wanted to show what exactly GAP insurance is and how it’s a no brainer!

Grenson Personalised Licence

The Result

This was a successful animated explainer video that proved to be a big hit! Grenson was really pleased with the final outcome, which we were delighted with. Since implementing the video at Grenson HQ it has helped increase interest in GAP insurance and continues to inform and entertain new website visitors.

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