The Power of Ideas

The Brief

Sideways 6 powers innovation and engagement at some of the world’s top companies. We were asked to create a Isometric Explainer Video that both conveyed the importance of ideas, and presented how Sideways 6 could help bring employee ideas to life.

Our Response

So how do you come up with ideas to represent ideas?

From the kick-off, we were all really excited to work on this Isometric Explainer Video. As we recall, our creative director let off a small “yelp” of excitement when we mentioned the premise. Our ideation led us down an interesting path. The theme became clear that we wanted to represent the journey of an idea through an amalgamation of key metaphors. This ever-flowing and the ever-changing visual landscape was one that was going to be vibrant to keep the audience’s attention.

Animated Explainer Video

We chose this 2D Isometric style as we felt it gave us the perfect “stage” to be able to illustrate the story. This style is very harmonious with tech software we felt it was the right style to work in for the audience.

The Animation Guys like nothing better than taking some brilliant technology that may be hard to explain, and bringing it to life. I think you’ll agree that this film serves as a powerful tool for the audience to understand something quite complicated in a way that is engaging, fun and concise. Check out the final Isometric Explainer Video below.

Animation Consulting

The Result

What our client Said

“We have worked with the animation guys for a while now. This latest project really gave us an opportunity to delve into our offering alongside the creative team and create something of real value for our company. From start to finish the Team at The Animation Guys were a delight to work with. They were very responsive and forward thinking. We couldn’t be happier with the end product.”

Chris Sheen

Chief Marketing Officer | Sideways 6

The Results

Sideways 6 have seen a 30% increase in inbound leads since we have produced this video. (High 5)

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