With new and improved underground stations across London, we’re seeing more and more digital screens alongside our escalators. Our latest project with the charity ComputerAid lives within the world of London Underground advertising.

The Brief

ComputerAid are a charity that help people to improve their lives through technology! They do this by recycling computers from businesses and sending them to students, teachers, farmers & doctors across the world. We created a 10 second animation that highlights their services in 3 easy steps as it lives on screens adorning the walls of the tube as part of the London Underground advertising network

Our Response

Our designs and animation were based around a 3 step process that ComputerAid has. By focusing on these three key points, it meant that we were able to summarise clearly the message that they wanted to convey to their target audience. Combining these steps with ComputerAids strong branding of yellow and black meant that the final animation has clear iconography and is easy to follow from beginning to end.

Another key point that we had to bear in mind throughout, was a time limit of 10 seconds for any video being played on London Underground advertising screens. Considering the average explainer video is 60-90 seconds, this isnt a lot of time to get across information in. This meant that the animation had to be concise and clear in its message from the outset.

Part of the design process for this project was that we were producing an animation for a portrait format that would be seen whilst moving up or down an escalator. This meant that any designs had to be clear and concise for the audience and easily readable at a glance. Additionally, we optimized the animation for a landscape format so that it was able to be easily posted on a wider amount of social media channels. You can see the social media version to the right.

The Result

It’s always very rewarding being able to see a project you’ve worked on out in the real world! The final result is a video that sums up ComputerAid in a succinct and easily digestable way that is optimized for the space it lives in. To learn more about how to get your animations onto the London Underground Advertising world contact us by calling 020 7288 6319  or by emailing us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com. 

What our client Said

“Really great service from The Animation Guys, they were really flexible when we needed last minute changes and delivered on time even though we had a very tight deadline!”

– Alice Walker-Mitchell, Marketing Officer at ComputerAid

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