Devyser are specialists in diagnostic kits for complex DNA testing within oncology, reproductive health and hereditary diseases. Their products are used to guide targeted cancer therapies, to enable rapid prenatal diagnostics, as well as in a wide array of genetic tests.

The Brief

Devyser needed a simple & engaging way to explain a very complicated new process that they had pioneered. This new method would save countless hours & be far easier and simpler to perform than previous methods. We at The Animation Guys wanted to tell their story.

Our Response

When creating a medical animation, communication needs to be clear and accurate. This is to ensure the audience understands the complex processes correctly. Whether that’s a patient, doctor or anyone in-between. This project with Devyser was no different. To ensure that we produced the best medical animation video possible, we worked closely with Devyser every step of the way. This clear line of communication and feedback supports our designers and animators when they are designing the different methods Devyser uses in their medical process.

medical animation
medical animation

Our talented team of Animators had to take into consideration many different things when designing the different elements that you see in the video. This can come down to the amount of vials in the test tube rack, or the colours used to differentiate between different parts of a design. These details were important for Devyser, as they help to differentiate their new process from previous slower methods & thus increasing the power of their message. When defining the animation style of the video, it was helpful that Devyser’s brand lends itself well to clear and concise imagery. As such, using a varied blue colour palette easily achieves an aesthetically pleasing accurate medical animation video.

In addition to the full video that was created for Devyser, we produced a selection of shorter videos that could be used in targeted Social Media Advertising campaigns. These would highlight key points about the process and direct the audience to the Devyser website for further information. There are many benefits to creating social media content out of a video that is complete. You already have the established content, information, and messages in your video. Why not get multiple uses out of them? It increases the value of your video every time you gain something new from it. 

The Result

Devyser came to us with a complicated process that they needed to explain quickly, easily & effectively. We created a medical animation for them that’s being used to help many different people around the world.

What our client Said

“Our previous company video was outdated and no longer accurately reflected the company Akixi is today.
The objective for our new video was to draw people in by talking about the business benefits our analytics solutions can bring, rather than products and features.
But the final video delivered so much more.
The result totally exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.

Working with The Animation Guys was a positive experience from start to finish.
They are a friendly and talented team, easy to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate in working with them again on future projects.”

– Hilary King, Marketing Manager at Akixi Limited

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