A fun and unique awareness animation to help increase knowledge and awareness about a little known serious childhood illness.

The Brief

Societi is an influencing and policy shaping organisation which works through partnerships to drive real change in awareness across the UK, about Kawasaki Disease. Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the U.K. It’s time we changed that. Through the power of the awareness animation we produced with Societi, we are helping to drive that change throughout the UK.

Our Response

Style Development

Societi came to us with a very strong style and direction within the assets they already had. This consisted of child characters drawn and created by a young artist for them, and a variety of other different assets. Going into this project it was clear that the characters, their charm & their uniqueness was something that we wanted to keep and for it to shine through loud and clear. As such we developed a style that looked at the characters and how far we could potentially push them. But also at the world we put them inside. We leant into the hand-drawn elements of the characters and brought them to life as you can see in the related images.

3D or 2D?

A key component of the style established within the animation was to lean into the ‘drawn on paper’ look and feel. This meant creating the animation scenes within a 3D space inside the animation software, as if you had created the characters on real paper and created the animation in the real world. This helped us bring to life the hand drawn ‘child-like’ elements of the style and help bring everything together into a cohesive style.

Asset Extraction

Part of the final deliverables of this project was to be able to give Societi multiple assets from within the animation. These were to be used on a variety of media created by Societi within their own marketing. To ensure that all the new assets were consistent with the style of characters already produced we had to put ourselves in the mind of a child! These assets have been seen being used on emails, social media posts, website pages and also printed collateral.

In The Real World

This project was all about raising awareness about the disease itself in places that mattered, but also to raise awareness of everything Societi as a charity is doing on their side to help with the disease. As part of this wider work they are doing, there was an event where the animation was shown to a crowd of 600+ attendees. We were very proud to hear that the animation we created with Societi was shown on the big screen at this event, leaving not a dry eye in the house and a standing ovation. Through this one event Societi managed to raise over £20k in funds which is why we do this job at The Animation Guys, to help people.

The Result

The final animation is one that breaks the mold and stands out among other traditional explainer videos, it pulls on the heartstrings and does exactly what it set out to do. We can’t wait to see all the good it will do!

What our client Said

“Producing our first ever animated video was a scary proposition and uncharted territory for us as an agency. Working with The Animation Guys they put us at ease, listened to our ideas and made the process come to life. They’re genuinely decent, honest and hard-working people that ultimately produce first-class animation videos. We couldn’t be happier with our final product and no doubt will return to them for a follow up video at some point! Fully recommend.”

Beth Hellowell

Managing Partner @ Signify Digital

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