A narrative central animated film aimed at supporting young people & their mental health

The Brief

The Mix is a charity that offers support for young people under the age of 25 who face a wide range of challenges and issues on a daily basis. Their website includes information on everything from mental health, sex and relationships to housing, work and money. Young people can download relevant apps, join group discussions, find local services or engage in a 1-2-1 conversation with an experienced advisor to get the support they need.

They approached us because they wanted to connect emotionally with their audience through a thoughtful and compelling story. The animation needed to outline the mental health support they offer, describe the issues young people face and explain how The Mix helps as a youth centered charity. Here at The Animation Guys we were delighted to support this vital message.

Our Response

The initial stages of this project were crucial to ensure we were developing a style that would connect with a younger audience. The topic of mental health is very important to The Mix & The Animation Guys. Furthermore, it was important to keep a similar feel to their previous projects. In conjunction with that, we needed to create something new and exciting that would catch the eye of a younger audience as that would define what style would be best. We eventually settled on a visual language that was playful and dynamic and also somewhat “trendy”. This illustrative approach was extremely exciting for us to develop. Furthermore, it is always exciting to be part of a project that is visually engaging and for an important cause that everyone can relate to.

Mental health video student floating
Mental health video students talking

One of the challenges within the project was to find a balance in tone. How could we best create a conversation about mental health when a lot of young people are uncomfortable discussing it? Many young people want to get support but it is often difficult for them to open up or ask for help. So, we focused on creating a mental health animation that is approachable, engaging and inviting. A sensitive subject like this one, which carries a lot of weight, also requires a delicate approach to content and language. So we made sure this sensitivity was reflected in the voiceover and script, as well as the imagery shown on-screen.

Another challenge was how to use visuals to represent the contact channels available from The Mix, such as their website, support forum and call centre. We wanted to illustrate each channel visually, but also describe it with simple and engaging content. Through extensive research and group discussions, we agreed on the right blend of copy and images, so the mental health animation would be informative and engaging without lacking interest or excitement.

Mental health video social media

The Result

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