A bold and eye-catching nursing animation for The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) to summarise their campaign to get Nursing Staff the wage increase they deserve.

The Brief

A bold and informative animation that tells the story of what RCN are asking for and why, why Nursing deserve a pay rise, and to take away preconceptions and show that nursing staff are clinical leaders, experts, academics and pioneers. The final animation looks to empower the members and give them confidence, whilst also highlighting the disparity in the current situation.

Our Response

Defining the Style

In our initial conversations with RCN and looking through their campaign collateral that was already out there, we got a good understanding of the story they needed to tell. It was an important one. We wanted to do the topic justice and sought to develop a bold and standout, no frills style that would sit well within their current branding for the campaign. We landed on a stark contrasting black & white style that would catch peoples eye online and would support the strong and direct messaging within the script.

Bold & Eye-Catching

Each of the scenes within the animation support the strong and direct messaging of the campaign. This is clearly shown with supporting visual display text that dynamically animates across the screen in time with the voiceover. Combined with images of nursing staff staring directly at the audience, this evokes feelings about the subject matter. We wanted the animation to flow during each section of messaging, but also used harsh cuts and changes of scenes and inverting colours to draw the eye and make different messages stand out.

Social Media Edits

RCN’s final video came to just under 2 minutes in length which is great to get across all the messaging they need in a short period of time. For social media however, video lengths are often limited to 1 minute. This meant that we had to reduce down the messaging and cherry pick parts that would work together whilst still being effective & embodying the core messaging of the project.

The Result

The finished animation for RCN catches the eye and doesn’t hold any of it’s punches. It gets straight to the point and does not mince it’s words. The animation outlines why the payrise needs to happen and keeps it’s simple. It just works.

What our client Said

“This was our first time collaborating with The Animation Guys but they are an absolute joy to work with! An extremely creative and accommodating team with great attention to detail in their work which ultimately leads to a fantastic final end product. It doesn’t hurt that they are also an incredibly friendly and down-to-earth bunch of people, making the process that much smoother. They will definitely be top of our list for any future animation projects and would gladly recommend to anyone!”

Dominic Scott

Channel Marketing Specialist @ ASUS UK

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