Infographic Explainer Animations are perfect if you are struggling to get your point across. Are you sick of the same, flat presentation that you have to present over and over again? All the while watching your prospects and potential partners lose the will to live 5 minutes in. It’s not your fault, customers these days expect a lot. They have high expectations because everywhere they look they have content thrown at them.

Smart Wires are a forward facing, extremely innovative company based in the U.S.A. They were clearly sitting on a range of very relevant facts that could help them get their point across. The problem was they were struggling to explain these points to the people they needed to. That is where an infographic explainer comes in. Through a beautifully crisp and clean design, we were able to help yet another client engage with their audience and breath some life into their marketing. If you’re struggling to get some vital information to stick with your audience, get in touch today. We don’t bite.

What our client Said

Working with The Animation Guys was a complete delight. They are well-organized and staffed with passionate and knowledgeable people. Unlike other animation companies that only engage at the surface level, The Animation Guys really take the time to get to know you, your company and what you’re hoping to accomplish with your video. Not to mention – the quality of their animation is top notch!

Jenny Erwin – Business Development Manager

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