We had the wonderful opportunity to work with The Business Design Centre again on a sustainability animation focused around their celebration of being carbon neutral for the past 10 years!

The Brief

The Business Design Centre (BDC) is one of London’s most popular conference and exhibition venues, with over 250 events and 900,000 visitors a year.

Since our previous project with them, they wanted to re-utilise the screens placed around the venue to highlight their work surrounding their carbon neutral efforts over the past 10 years.

We worked with them to celebrate the achievements of the business & also how everyone working and visiting the building can help support their efforts.

Our Response

It was important to us to have an animation that flowed seamlessly from one animation to the next so that when it loops on the screens inside the building, it feels continuous. This meant designing scenes that would lead from one to the next, allowing for transitions that feel like a natural part of the video’s DNA. Another vital animation technique used was to constantly have motion on the screen, even if just subtly. This helps the audience to know that what they’re walking past isnt just a still image, but a lively, bright and vibrant animation. This helps to catch the viewers eye no matter the point of the animation they view when walking by.

One of the major themes for us, when designing this animation, was to tie the design together with an animated ident that we created for The BDC towards the end of 2019. The ident, which you can see on the left side, plays at the beginning and end of The BDC’s new outgoing marketing videos that highlight business owners in the building. This ident is what lead us to produce the animation in this strong green design language that features hints of the traditional BDC colour palette. We also utilised the same ident at the end of this animation. This helps to bring all of The BDC’s current branding onto the same page.

At the early design stage, it is always very important to understand where the sustainability animation is going to be watched & what platform the audience will be viewing it on. This meant designing the animation to be most effective in a portrait format on a screen placed around the venue. We have to catch peoples attention and keep it for the information to be conveyed. To do this we chose bold designs and large clear text that would stand out on the screens.

The Result

Once again, we have loved working with The Business Design Centre. Not only do we get to produce some informative and insightful animations, but we get to see them daily when we walk into the studio. The final video was first played in conjunction with a large event. Its viewership has since been scaled up to be played on the screens for the forseable future to help highlight to all visitors of The BDC the amazing work they are doing for the climate.

Social Media

In addition to the portrait video that was produced to be played on the display screens across The BDC, we also reformatted the animation for a landscape as square format as seen below. Our aim with these two new formats was to accurately capture the same sustainability animation without any loss of information and translate the designs into this new shape. The social media edits came out very successfully & enabled The BDC marketing team to push their message in this video out to all of their fans and customers across all of the social media platforms they use. To learn more about how to create animations that capture your audiences attention, contact us by calling 020 7288 6319  or email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com.

What our client Said

“Really great service from The Animation Guys, they were really flexible when we needed last minute changes and delivered on time even though we had a very tight deadline!”

– Alice Walker-Mitchell, Marketing Officer at ComputerAid

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