A sleek, professional and dynamic 2D motion graphics tech animation for Worldwide computer company ASUS and their Zencare Protection Program

The Brief

The ASUS ZenCare Protection Program covers your laptop with a repair and refund for any technical defect in the first 12 months. We worked closely with ASUS to create and brand the service as it pushes out a new global launch. We did this by producing a tech animation that clearly summarises what ZenCare is, and how it can support its target audience.

Our Response

Elevating the Brand

From the outset, we knew that the Zencare service within ASUS did not have a consistent branding profile across it’s different medias. This meant that there was room and a desire to brand the service in a fun and creative way using the animation we would produce. To do this we looked across a multitude of different parts of ASUS’s already existing brand profile and create something new and fresh that still felt like it was ASUS through and through. On the right you can see a selection of style variations that all look to push slightly different tones and ideas forward in their own unique way.


Due to a wide ranging audience that would potentially be used across the globe, our aim with the video was to produce visualisations that would clearly and effectively communicate ASUS’s messages from the first watch. We wanted to keep things clean and clear and slick to add to ASUS’s already strong brand identity in that regard. In this vain, for consistency we landed on one Hero laptop design that would take us on a journey through the animation. We ended up producing this in 3D so that we could do more with the asset and render it in a way that would sit neatly within the 2D realm of the rest of the animation.


From the outset with ASUS we knew that getting the tone spot on was a key goal of the project. They didn’t want anything too light-hearted and whimsical but also on the flip side of that, going too far in the other direction could result in a bland and boring corporate video that wouldn’t seek to elevate the Zencare branding and help it to stand out as a service.

The Result

The final Motion Graphics Tech Animation is bright and engaging, yet feels professional and slick. In a short space of time it clearly communicates each message and will be expertly implemented within ASUS’s wider marketing strategy across the globe.

What our client Said

“This was our first time collaborating with The Animation Guys but they are an absolute joy to work with! An extremely creative and accommodating team with great attention to detail in their work which ultimately leads to a fantastic final end product. It doesn’t hurt that they are also an incredibly friendly and down-to-earth bunch of people, making the process that much smoother. They will definitely be top of our list for any future animation projects and would gladly recommend to anyone!”

Dominic Scott

Channel Marketing Specialist @ ASUS UK

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