A range of animated explainer videos and testimonial videos for an accountancy firm based in London and Oxfordshire.

The Brief

Wellers is an accountancy firm with four offices across the UK who work with start up entrepreneurs, owners of growing businesses and private individuals. We were initially briefed to create an animation for Wellers’ employees explaining the attributes and core values that the firm lives by. The brief soon evolved into a suite of animated video content that would become a key component of Wellers’ content marketing strategy going forward.

Our Response

After producing the initial internal animation, we started work on a homepage explainer video that would help potential clients understand Wellers’ approach to client service delivery.

Wellers Animation

Using their ‘Business Oxygen’ positioning as a central theme, we created a 2D animation that brought the term to life, depicting an idealistic future for business owners with plenty of references to nature and oxygen. An interactive feature at the end of the animation allowed viewers to identify what stage they were at in the business lifecycle, leading them to relevant landing pages and further content on the Wellers website.

We developed and created characters for three core customer types — those with an idea for a business, those starting up and those with an established business looking to expand. This has been followed by a selection of live action testimonial videos which relate to each of the identified customer types.

Project stills

The Result

From the animation video being delivered, Wellers are noticing an increase in additional leads and opportunities. We continue to work across various aspects of Wellers’ business and marketing plan, helping them improve engagement levels and use video content marketing proactively to reach their target audiences. To learn more about our animated video content you can call our team on 0207 2886 319 or email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com

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