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This chapter explains how to get the most out of the marketing funnel.

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Every marketer worth their weight has heard of, or uses the marketing funnel.

Understanding where your video sits in this funnel is key to its success.

Your audience wants and needs different things depending on where they are in this funnel.

Correlating these two things will help you maximise your investment when deciding what kind of video you are going to make and how you want to use it once it’s completed.

According to Harvard Business review, profits rise as customer’s relationship with a company lengthens.

Customer retention is just as important as attracting new business.

Long term customers act as free advertising for your company.

They do this through refferals & word of mouth.

As much as you might be wanting to sell a potential customer a service.

This will not get you business.

You must offer value, building a relationship over time and showing them why they should buy from you, not what they should buy and how much.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion” 

– Michael Hyatt

Showing them why they should buy from you allows them to connect your service to their needs, cementing the idea that they are the company for you.

Video marketing helps to do this in a quick and concise way that appeals to a large audience, taking the hours of emails out of your hands.

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