We recently ran a poll to help discern which industries were most satisfied with the video marketing efforts within their business categories. We asked professionals in ten different sectors whether they believed that video marketing was used effectively within their respective sector. Once culminated, we organised the stats into an industry league table to see who was most satisfied with their video marketing efforts. The results were extremely insightful…

See below for the definitive league table and our major takeaways from the results.

“Cool” Industries Are Performing Well

Over 40% of those working in both the sport and retail industries deemed their respective marketing strategies to be up to scratch. The results suggest that the industries typically associated with a younger, more technology embracing workforce believe more strongly that video marketing is being well utilised within their field.

The older, more traditional generations may put this down to the arrogance of youth, but we’re not sure that that is actually the case…

In fact it boils down to one major factor: target audience. Sport and retail’s efforts to aim their brands towards a younger crowd requires stellar marketing efforts to ensure that they make themselves known among the constant mass brawl of competitors. And what medium is growing quickly within the field? You guessed it – video marketing.

The ever-growing influence of video on social media (a branding platform synonymous with youth) is evidence of this and has changed the way that younger generations interact with brands.

Research shows that 86% of businesses have adopted some form of video marketing in 2021. That’s compared to just 61% in 2016! This meteoric rise in popularity and effectiveness reflects the extent to which modern marketing techniques rely on keeping in step with the latest trends. And if you’re working in one of the hip, younger industries it goes without saying that you either keep up with trends or find yourself sinking.

Fintech & Sustainability Could Be Higher

Given that video marketing has fast become a necessary tool for your marketing armoury, it is quite surprising that the likes of the fintech and sustainability industries haven’t quite mastered the art of it.

Fintech is an industry whose history spans over hundreds of years, but holds innovation and forward-thinking close to its core. And sustainability is a subject that has blown up in significance since the world has had its eyes open to the horrors of climate change. Research actually shows that a whopping 92% of individuals are more likely to trust a brand that prides itself on being environmentally and socially conscious.

Given the fact that these two should be at the forefront of innovation, why is it that only around 30% of those working in fintech and sustainability deem their video marking to be up to snuff? While we don’t have a surefire answer to this question, we can speculate over what is the most likely cause.

Fintech is a sector that is constantly evolving. New companies are coming through with exciting and innovative ideas on a frequent basis, and therefore the industry is extremely varied (to say the least). Due to this, it is understandable if there is a slight lack of consistency when it comes to the quality of video content creation. However, fintech is one of the areas that we specialise in here at The Animation Guys (see more here) and there has certainly been a recent rise in content quality over the last few years. Plus, while only 32.5% of those working in fintech believe they use video effectively as a marketing tool, it is still the third highest score registered by the industries that we asked. Not too shabby.

In terms of sustainability, it is a relatively new phenomenon. The industry is a young one and still essentially finding its feet within the business world. As such, to expect them to have mastered the art of video marketing strategy would be somewhat harsh. The use of content such as explainer videos is becoming a huge component of this sector and you can expect to see it’s video usage skyrocket over the next few years.

Medical Industries At The Bottom Of The Table

While they are by no means “unsexy”, it is hard to argue against the fact that the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries don’t draw young peoples’ attention quite like sport and retail do. Therefore it didn’t come as a significant surprise that these two were left floundering at the bottom of the table when it came to the quality of video marketing content.

However, to consider video marketing as a medium for the younger generations alone would be silly. Within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, animation helps with the understanding of complex matters, whether it be informing a patient about a procedure or educating a professional about an update in the industry.

While there is undoubtedly a range of quality explainer videos, demo videos and microinteractions to help patients and professionals alike in the medical industry, many are outdated or could do with a little sprucing up. This leaves great room for potential creativity within the sphere, and a chance for healthcare brands to set themselves apart.

If your healthcare marketing videos are in need of a revamp, get in touch with our friendly team of animators here. Our team specialises in creating engaging animated content within the medical sphere to help your healthcare or pharmaceutical brand grab attention in all the right ways.

Not One Industry Over 50%

It may seem obvious but one of the grand overall discoveries from our poll is the fact that not one industry that we covered is overly happy with their video marketing efforts. Yes, video marketing has been used as a marketing tool for a while now. However, this statistic just goes to show that it is still developing as a medium and isn’t an easy beast to tame.

Regardless of the industry that you operate in, if you would like to give your video marketing efforts a much needed boost then we can help you out. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts by calling +44 (0) 207 2886 319 or emailing wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com.