From 80s gaming fad to an innovative new marketing tool, interactive video is taking the world by storm – but this time as a means of business promotion. This miraculous turnaround personifies not only the diversity of the video format but also its determination to stick around. What exactly is an interactive video, you ask?…

Interactive videos are video content combined with a number of prompts that viewers can choose to interact with. In doing so, they can reveal informational pop ups, take viewers to particular web pages or even guide them through a particular storyline. 

And the advantages of interactive videos? Modern society is strewn with short video clips that are so often scrolled past on web pages or social media without a second thought. Interactive video animations encourage the audience to take a moment and engage with your content. Research has shown that in an ecommerce setting, they can increase conversions by 20 – 30% and bolster purchase intent by 9x its typical level.

Here is a taster of the ways that interactive videos could benefit your business:

Animated Videos Improve SEO | Interactive Video Animation

Pack More Information Into Your Videos

Often in the world of animation, businesses struggle to fit absolutely everything that they want into their videos. Interactive video animations have the wondrous ability to pack more information into your clips without making them any longer (and having to face the resulting extra production costs…). 

By adding in snippets of information at poignant moments during your video, you have the power to bolster your content. This means tactically placing relevant information into your explainer videos and animated reports without giving the impression that it has been mindlessly crammed in.

Not only that, but the interactions are optional. That means that viewers won’t have the information shoved down their throats. Instead they can decide for themselves whether or not the information in question is of interest to them.

Make Use Of The Wide Array Of Features

The features on interactive videos expand far beyond simple popups. Equipped with their unique hotspot and overlay features, your videos expand beyond a viewing experience and become an interactive, gamified visual extravaganza. But the creative boundaries don’t stop there…

Interactive video animation also brings a branching feature to the fore. By labelling your video with particular “chapters”, we can create a video experience that is tailored to the viewer’s choices. Anyone watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? Slightly rogue comparison, we know. But imagine using that tech in a business-focused context. This gives a personalised feel to your animated videos and lets your audience concentrate efforts on the elements of your brand they feel most connected to.

Plus! All interactive videos come armed with live and real time analytic functions. This means that you can accurately track video performance as it is happening.

The Perfect Strategy For Wowing Clients

Looking for a way of sprucing up your reports? Interactive video may be just the answer that you are seeking. Instead of presenting your clients or stakeholders with yet another vanilla slide deck, why not wow them using an animated video report with a difference? This utilisation of interactive video in both B2C and B2B settings perfectly portrays the contextual flexibility that the format brings to the table.

By presenting data in a manner that is both visually appealing and entirely immersive, interactive video animation is sure to create a report style that will live long in the memory. It takes reporting beyond arbitrary figures and weaves them into an easily digested, story-like format. 

Software Animation

Add WIREWAX To Your Business’ Arsenal

As an interactive video company, we choose only the best tech for our creations. That’s why we use WIREWAX. Recently teaming up with streaming platform Vimeo, the platform helps take business videos to the next level. But not only that, it does so in a manner that is easy to manage and produces measurable results.

Not only does the platform allow for the addition of innovative features, but also hosts your videos online. This allows for strategic embedding placement on your website, with high-speed loading times.

To learn more about how interactive videos work, the ways in which you could use them and how we can help turn your creative ideas into a reality, get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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