So you’re wanting a video, but you think to yourself: ‘I’ve put all the information into the visuals, why can’t I just have some music over the top?’

It’s well known that the audio content you add to your video, is just as important as visual content. This includes music and voices and creating a balance between the way the audience receives the information.

It’s an important step that unites an animation into a cohesive tool, giving it that clean, professional feel that will attract potential clients and customers.

The right voice can convey your message, give the video credibility, and humanizes your brand.

In this blog we go over a few of the reasons why having a professionally recorded voice over will give your video the finish and finesse that turns it into a real success.

What is a voice-over artist?

A voice-over artist is someone whose tool they use on a day to day basis is their voice.

They will often have experience in these areas, such as coming from stage, film or an acting background.

This ensures they can offer real authenticity to your video.

Using a voice to full effect

Proficient voice-over artists know precisely how to include the correct highs-and-lows, stops, and stream to the story, adding a human touch to the story.

They are experts in their tone of voice, the cadences it has, and the timing. Offering versatility and range.

They listen to directions and suggestions that help to create the animation voice over you want. Ensuring it connects with your audience.

They also have the skills to edit their voice to take it to that next level. Nobody wants their video to sound boring!

Connecting with your audience

Whether you’re trying to give your brand an approachable friendly element, or a professional and reliable quality, the right voice in your video can make your audience feel spoken to and represented.

Combining this with an effective script, a voice over includes a solid identity and influences your video to emerge greatly each and every time.

A voice that creates trust with your audience, is not only a benefit but also essential in order to encourage the audience to take the next step after watching.

Having a continuous recognizable voice for your brand can connect multiple pieces of media across different channels. Creating familiarity with your brand. This allows for not only the visuals of your brand colours to be instantly recognizable by customers but also the person that’s talking to them.

This study suggests that female voices are the most persuasive and soothing for advertising messages.

Multi-layered messaging

When an audience watches a video, they are using their eyes and their ears to take in information. A voiceover artist will know how to target your audience with their voice.

By voicing your call to actions & messaging out loud to the viewer, you have even better chances of leading your potential customers and clients towards that action. Their voice guides the viewers into what you want them to do.

Content that would normally have to be implemented in the visuals on-screen via a specific style of text or visual metaphors, can instead be picked up in the audio.

Audio also helps to process concepts that might be difficult to explain just visually. This allows for a multi-layered approach for your messaging and brand.

The visuals and the audio support and reinforce each other, making your messaging that much more powerful.


It’s clear that a voice over artist can benefit your project and enhance your video.

Choosing the right voice is key to finishing off an effective animation video & taking it to that next level.

If you get your animation with the right visuals, and the perfect voice to accompany them, there’s no doubt that your video will succeed.

When it comes to animation, anything is possible! If you have a tricky objective or business challenge and would like to explore using animation to solve it, get in touch. You can browse our portfolio of animations, or call us on 0207 2886 319 for a chat.