One of the greatest features of animation is that it has no real boundaries. Its limitless adaptability allows your creative team to table even the wackiest, most out-there ideas and witness them spring to life on screen. Not only does this adaptability also venture beyond what goes on in the advert itself, but also where your animated advert will live.

In this modern, internet-ruled age it’s unlikely that you will be looking to promote your advert on one platform alone. A mind boggling 55% of the global population watch online videos on a daily basis. A veritable gold mine of content-hungry consumers that you would be foolish not to tap into. But animated advertising allows you to adjust your footage so that you can spread it anywhere – whether it be on your webpage, social media or a good old-fashioned TV advert. There are so many options available that we have had to split this into two blogs…

Essentially, what we are trying to say is that given the endless creative avenues for you to potentially venture down, there is no one true way to send your animated advertising into the ether. As the kids say these days – you do you. 

But what are the most popular platforms on which you can “do you”? Here are some of the most popular means of utilising. 

Animated Social Media Advertising

Social media has become a modern behemoth in the manner that it has dominated the way that the world interacts. 59% of people across the globe use social media these days. That’s a helluva lot of eyes on screens. Basically if you aren’t using animated social media ad campaigns then you’re in danger of falling behind the curve.

With this gargantuan exposure comes the perfect means of getting your animated advert out there. Regardless which platform you are looking to use, this is a surefire means of casting a wide net to catch yourself a whole new host of faces for your audience. 

With the alarming rate that people skim through social media pages, it bodes well to make your content as eye-catching as possible. This is where social media animation comes into its own.

The colours, motions and limitless capabilities of animated advertising lend themselves to creating totally unique, brand-heavy content. Plus, animation often works best when used over smaller segments of time (often more of a sprinter than a marathon runner). 

Animated TV Advertising

The OG moving image form of visual advertising. TV animation is just about as old as televisions themselves. However, there’s no sign of them coming to a halt over 120 years later.

While some may consider TV to be floundering in the wake of more modern means of screen time consumption, those people would in fact be wrong. In fact, stats show that the number of TV households are on the rise. Plus, 2020 saw Brits watch an average of 127 minutes of linear television per day. Combine this with the fact that 42% of the British population consider TV adverts to be the most trustworthy form of advertising.

Everyone has their favourite TV advert. And odds are it probably incorporated some form of animation in it. Perhaps it was old school in style – like this iconic MilkyWay advert – or maybe it was an iconic use of hyper realistic animation – such as this spine-tingling Guinness classic. Either way, animation and TV advertising go hand in hand. How you utilise this relationship is up to you.

Out Of Home Advertising

Out of home advertising (OOH to those in the know) is a crossover between reality and imagination quite unlike any other… Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but animated advertising boards do bring the adverts to your audience in a way unlike any other platform, whether it be a bus stop or the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus.

Modern customers are constantly consuming content. So when it’s placed in front of them on the street, on public transport or at their favourite hangout spot, they can’t help but engage with it. The task is in retaining that engagement for long enough to entice them into the consideration stage of your funnel (bit of technical marketing jargon for you).

But the options don’t stop there! Stay tuned for our next instalment on the ways in which you can deploy your animated advertising…

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