We were thrilled when the Business Design Centre in Islington selected us to create an animated timeline that would celebrate its rich history, from way back in 1862 to the present day. The idea behind the project was to give visitors to the building an engaging look at how much this stunning structure has changed throughout the years and share some of its most exciting highlights! The BDC attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year who attend shows, conferences and exhibitions within the building’s enormous 2,000 square metre exhibition space.

As the BDC is the professional home of The Animation Guys (we rent office space within the building) we’re already very familiar with the impressive entrance hall and large escalators that greet visitors as they step through its front doors. We’re also well aware that nearby Angel tube station boasts the longest escalator on the London underground network – we ride it every day to get to work! We decided to combine these two elements and use the walls above the escalator as our canvas for an animated timeline about the BDC building.



Nine screens were used to create a seamless visual journey for visitors as they make their way from the ground floor to the upper mezzanine level via the moving escalator. We created a vintage look and feel to capture the old world origins of this impressive building, with an increasingly modern design appearing as the timeline ticker moves closer to 2019. Our first port of call when planning the animation timeline was research. We wanted to know everything about this wonderful building so we could refine all our knowledge and focus on the best bits for the final edit.

Animated Timeline
Animated History Timeline


Turns out, a LOT has happened at the BDC! From its early role as the home of huge agricultural shows, to becoming a postal hub in the second world war, an occasional bingo hall in the seventies and undergoing a huge refurbishment in the 1980s – there was a lot to cover. We sifted through reams of stats, facts and information and have created an eye catching animated timeline that shows the volume of costume changes this building has undergone over the years.

Showcasing the animated timeline across nine consecutive screens above the escalators was no mean feat. The timing of each animation was key, so the video would flow seamlessly from one screen to the next as viewers made their way up the escalator from the ground floor. The design element presented a unique challenge too. We wanted to bring movement and life to static photographs and illustrations of the various events that have taken place at the BDC over its 157 year history. 

It’s now so exciting to see visitors to the BDC engaging with the new animated screens as they step onto the escalator each day. We’re thrilled that we were given the opportunity to work on such a unique and challenging project! For a more in depth look at the project check out our case study that goes behind the scenes

If you have a story to tell and would like to use an animated timeline to bring your history to life, get in touch to find out how we can help! Here at The Animation Guys, we can create your unique video using any animation style or design technique imaginable. We’re constantly coming up with new ways to help businesses inspire people through animation and would love to do the same for yours!