Product packaging has the unique ability to create anticipation and excitement in a customer. You can tease what’s inside, flaunt your eco-friendly standpoint and even pick a never-before-used shape for boxing.

On that subject, did you know that 40% of shoppers say that they will share a product’s packaging online if it is unique? That’s a shedload of free advocacy posts for your brand. And just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effects that branded packaging can have.

It is a customer experience that is often more subliminal than consciously enjoyed. So, how can you maximise this feeling for a potential user, which so often is overlooked? You guessed it – product packaging animation.

Here are some of the reasons why an effective packaging animation is a must for your brand.

Show Off the Face of Your Brand

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. Well, unfortunately people do… The classic example of this comes in the form of the products we all buy.

We’re all guilty of it. That’s why branding forms such a crucial part of any marketing strategy. And nothing has the opportunity to give off a brilliant first impression like packaging does.

Packaging is the physical face of your brand, so you want it to look as impressive as possible. A 3D packaging animation gives you the opportunity to do just that. Show off your product and accompanying accessories in a manner that not only flaunts your unique style but also encapsulates your brand personality.

Have your packaging omit a sense of endless opulence; or maybe have it opened and presented by your brand character; or use morphing animation to have it shift mesmerizingly between physical states. Just as you should aim to create unique packaging, you should also present it in a unique manner.

Animation allows you to merge reality with your imagination. So you can truly present your product and its packaging in a way that suits your brand down to a T.

Build Up That Tantalising Anticipation

One thing that packaging brings to the table is anticipation. The mystery of what’s inside brings back memories of childhood birthdays or Christmases past – whether they are delivered by a jolly fat man donning a red cloak or not.

Believe it or not, packaging animation brings this same effect to the table.

By showing your product in the physical state in which your audience would experience it in the real world, you are in essence bringing a genuine experience to the screen. This brings with it an anticipation that makes your product that much more enticing. Even when you already know what it is.

Everything Has Its Place

Modern day purchases tend to come with a wide range of gizmos. Whether it be the likes of replacement parts, charging devices or the little add ons that make all the difference, they are not something to be shunned by your marketing strategy.

A 3D packaging animation not only allows you to show all the goodies that come with the main shebang, they also depict how everything slots together neatly.

Modern products need to come with an “experience” attached in order to wow an audience. Your product animation videos should reflect this wherever possible.

Show off not just your product, but everything that comes with it to make it a purchase your customers need to make.

The Ultimate Rebrand Show-Off

When you’ve rebranded your product, it is pretty important that you show it off. We mean really show it off.

With the rebrand comes a new logo, new colours, new website, maybe even a new name. One inevitable change comes in the form of your packaging. And this is definitely something that you want to flaunt across all the channels that you can.

Animated packaging allows you to show off your new customer experience from all its most flattering angles. This is your chance to flaunt your brand’s new look throughout the entire customer journey – from selection to unpackaging to enjoying.

Adding this animation gives you the ability to grab attention before the product itself is even brought into question. It’s the power of effective digital marketing, people!

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