The act of something changing from one thing to another is a mesmerising spectacle. Metamorphosis, evolution, the ever-changing career path of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. None can deny their brilliance. As animation enthusiasts, we believe that morphing animation also falls under this bracket. Stylishly contorting from one thing into another in a manner that is totally unique – it’s awesome!

But what exactly is morphing animation? And how/where should it be utilised? All answers are below, friends…

What Is Morphing In Animation?

As the name not only suggests but assertively waves in your face, morphing animation is an animation that sees one object morph into another.

This could be a character making a werewolf-like metamorphosis from one creature into another. Or something as simple as your company mascot shapeshifting into your logo. It is a visual representation that creates strong associations between different concepts and can bind themes together with even the smallest animation.

For example, imagine a kooky sports animation for an athletic publication having its logo morph into an amalgamation of all the sports that they cover – football, cricket, athletics, boxing, tennis – before returning to the logo in question. It oozes with branding, significance and distinctiveness in the space of just a few seconds. That’s the power of morphing animation people!

It is a genre of visual media that separates animation from live action video. Unless you timelapse an occurrence in nature or have the ability to literally morph your body into the precise shape of a logo (hats off to you, if so), you won’t get the same effect.

From the most minor website microinteraction to a full-blown billboard in Times Square, morphing animation has the variability to be applied to any genre of video marketing campaign. It can be a subtle detail or the cornerstone of a swish new rebrand.

Different Types of Morphing Animation

As with most animation styles, morphing animation comes in all different shapes and sizes… literally. We wouldn’t be able to break down the entirety of the animation genre in just one blog, so here are some of the most common overarching themes of morphing animation:

Brand Morphing Animation

As we’ve mentioned, morphing animation is a brilliant means of associating certain imagery and themes with your brand. Therefore it is the perfect strategic partner for any brand animations that you have lined up.

Create subconscious ties between your environmental agency and the sustainable practices that you promote. Or your travel company and a particular set of locations. However you choose to use it, you are sure to see marketing, visuals and ethos effectively rolled into one neat little animated package.

Product Morphing Animation

Similar to the above, this is a great way of creating mental and emotional ties between what your product is and what you want it to represent. Want to see your can of refreshing soft drink transform into rays of tropical sunshine in front of the audience’s eyes – go for it. Or perhaps you want to metaphorically depict the global difference that your medical breakthrough will achieve – consider it done.

No matter the product or the end goal, the two can be intrinsically joined through the creative spin of a morphing animation.

3D Morphing Animation

Many associate morphing animation with simple 2D microinteractions. However, if you go ahead and throw the third dimension in there you open yourself up to a whole shedload of new opportunities.

As 3D animation specialists and (more importantly) enthusiasts, we like to think that 3D morph animations add another element of creative flair to the mix. 3D animation adds that extra little element of detail and personality, really helping to bring your brand to life.

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful world of animation, or potentially add morphing animation to your video marketing roster, whether it be for TV, branding or anything else, we are here to help. Contact us on +44 (0) 207 2886 319 or email us at