The Brief

Creative design agency Glock came to us with a very exciting collaboration project. The brief? Create a 3D brand animation for the iconic and globally known vodka brand Grey Goose. The brief was clear, Glock was looking to showcase the Grey Goose brand on prominent large-scale screens in restaurants across the UK. The challenge was to create an engaging three-minute brand animation that not only encapsulated the world-famous drinks brand but also captured the audience and elevated the atmosphere of the restaurant and clubs where the video would be played. 

Our Response

Known for its smooth taste, exceptional quality and finest ingredients, the animation had to reflect all that Grey Goose embodies as a world-famous luxury drinks brand. So it was decided to create a classic yet impactful brand film using their iconic logo as the anchor of the narrative. Our creative solution was a labour of love. We meticulously designed, modelled, rigged, and animated lifelike 3D geese, ensuring their movements exuded grace, realism and a feeling of freedom. To increase the charm we created glowing particles that followed the geese’s flight path, leaving behind a trail of pure magic. 

Developing the Iconic Look

Our visuals featured three geese soaring gracefully above awe-inspiring mountains, their flight seamlessly transitioning from day to night, ultimately forming the iconic Grey Goose logo. As the intended audience would of course be greatly familiar with the premium vodka brand the animation had to live up to the audience’s expectations of Grey Goose as a leading drinks brand whilst still being original. The animation had to be conceptually creative with a subtle, yet distinctive nod to Grey Goose and the bold blue colours and artwork which it is known for. Pink hues and darker blues were introduced as the sun turned into the moon and the day turned to night. Effortlessly reflecting how Grey Goose should always be your chosen vodka of choice. 

The 3D animated movement of the birds majestically in flight perfectly epitomises the French vodka brand, creating a feel of luxury as the birds swoop across the screen. The iconic geese then take their position and elegantly transition into the Grey Goose logo using 3D particle effects for the closing shot, leaving a memorable image that will no doubt stick in the mind of those watching when they are next choosing a drink at the bar!

Skillful 3D Particle Effects

The 3D particle effects were chosen to elevate the animation and give it a sense of wonder and magic. The particles had to emphasise the speed and grace of the birds in flight in a motion that felt both realistic and as smooth as the vodka itself. To create this type of visual technique we had to put on our creative hats and be as innovative as possible. We crafted the imagery using an X-Particles plugin, allowing us to push the boundaries of realistic 3D particle effects for the animation with impactful and wonderous results. 

The Outcome 

The final result was an enchanting animation sequence that is sure to be loved by venues and customers across the UK. With Grey Goose being such an iconic brand to be able to work with as well as collaborating with Glock on the delivery of the project, the end result was particularly enjoyable for our team and garnered a fantastic reception from those involved. Since its delivery the video graced multiple screens in both restaurants and clubs across the UK, leaving those out and about with no doubt as to their next order at the bar!

Our team takes immense pride in this achievement and can’t wait to bring the same level of creative freedom to future projects. In particular, we relish the chance to partner with creative brands and agencies to create videos that not only hit the brief spot on but create an artistic impact. Cheers to that! 

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