Introducing Food and Drink Animation

Breaking your latest edible product into the FMCG market is no mean feat. It’s essential that you make it stand out among the rabble of competitors plying for that snippet of attention that can see your sales skyrocket. Using effective food and drink animation can help you point out your product’s most mouth-watering highlights, thoughtfully blend foodstuff with branding and create a genuine treat for the senses.

With 71% of consumers preferring video over any other format when looking to buy a product, it seems silly not to invest in video marketing when looking to sell your latest consumable product.

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Here’s some of the reasons why you should consider animated food and drink as your next advertising angle:

Point Out Your Product’s Most Delectable Features

Competition in the food and drink industry is rife. And that is putting it lightly. No doubt you’ve got some delicious new snack or beverage up your sleeve. But how do you go about showing off those new features that are going to see it rise above the competition?

Food and drink animation gives you the unique opportunity to provide an in-depth look into your tasty new product that live action footage simply cannot replicate.

Amplify Your Product

Perhaps your fizzy drink is bringing out a new tropical flavour. Why not have a fountain of mangoes, pineapples and guavas erupt from beneath its lid?

Or perhaps you want to highlight the nuanced texture of your company’s latest bar snack? Animation lets you accentuate focus on your product’s most distinguishable USPs.

Changing your brand focus to make your products more environmentally friendly? You can use an animated food and drink visual to show your product battling off the causes of climate change.

The capabilities of animation are endless. Let your imagination run free and give the world a taste of what your food and drink can offer.

Give A Flavour Of Your Branding

So much of what someone remembers about their favourite consumable products is based on their portrayal.

No one can think of Coca Cola without envisaging the stark red and white of their iconic cans. Nor is it possible for the older generations among us to imagine Walkers crisps without Gary Lineker’s grinning mush plastered next to it.

And are Frosties world famous because of their delicious flavour? Partly. But we’re sure Tony had a big part to play in it, as well. (That’s the power of character animation, folks)

In the world of food and drink adverts, success and effective branding go hand in hand. Food and drink advertising allows you to mesh the two seamlessly. Take a look at this video that we created for Leffe, for example.

The effect can be achieved through a notable display of the brand colours or a memorable cameo from your iconic mascot. It’s through this proficient use of product animation that the association between beverage/binge worthy bites and brand becomes everlasting.

Create A Feast For The Senses

There are many elements to a successful food or drink product. Ideally, you should be looking to appeal to all senses. The familiar touch of the product in your hands; the visually striking branding; the tantalising sound of the packaging as it opens; the saliva-inducing scents right before it touches your lips; and of course the long awaited taste of your favourite food or drink.

An undeniably enticing experience for most of us. A borderline orgasmic experience for those with synesthesia.

Unfortunately, screens don’t offer the chance to smell or taste what is on them (yet…). Therefore, we have to rely on visuals and audio to tempt in our eagerly awaiting audience. Have you ever noticed that food adverts grab hold of your senses and reach deep into your memory for the last time you tasted such a thing? That’s the power of advertising, baby. And food and drink animation allows you to take this a step further.

Using animation, we can entwine audiovisual effects in order to create the most vivid impression of what your product has to offer. By visualising tastes and smells, mixing in familiar sounds and topping with a sprinkle of branding, we can help create a genuine feast for the senses.

Cater To Your Audience’s Needs

Much like people, no two audiences are the same. Each has their own distinguishable likes, dislikes and characteristics that set them apart. That’s why no two video marketing strategies should be the same. Whether looking to rebrand entirely or sticking to your guns, you will no doubt have a distinctive style in mind for your next set of food and drink adverts. Animation’s limitlessly personalisable character allows you to intricately mould your videos to meet your specific needs. Through this you can make something that is specifically angled to your target audience.

Not only that, but you can also tinker with it to place it in the most strategically fruitful locations. Releasing a hip new hoppy IPA? Target the younger crowds by optimising it for social media channels. Unveiling a new fibre-heavy prune juice? Consider creating an animated advert designed for TV (and air it either side of Coronation Street).

Animation gives you the opportunity to customise your video content to appeal to your unique audience both in terms of how it looks and how you deliver it. Check out our animated campaign for Absolute that does just that:

See Food and Drink Differently with Animation

To learn whether food and drink animation could be the way to get the word out about your product, get in touch with our team. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.

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