Over the last few years, we’ve worked with Build Aviator on multiple occasions. This case study highlights our latest animation project whilst also going into the rest of the suite of videos.

The Brief

Build Aviator specialises in services to help their clients build intelligently, offering support at each stage of the build process. They price your construction & building works, and provide you with a fully detailed quotation. We have implemented video into their business in a variety of ways. From a top level explainer, right through to a 3D Rubix cube and lots in between.

Our Response

Process Video

One project that we developed with Build Aviator was a process video that would go through each step of their process. This would enable clear communication with new clients and help to answer common questions about their process. The video is light-hearted, making the process feel light, easy & simple. The video was also redesigned for a portrait & square format for use on social media to increase engagement. This enables the video to have multiple uses in the marketing funnel for Build Aviator.

How to Videos

Build Aviator clients, such as builders, use a wide range of purpose built pricing software that the company developed. However, most of these new pieces of software, due to their complexity and level of detail, will inevitably have long detailed instructions on how to use it. This is where animation comes into its own. Through the use of video, we created multiple how-to animations that give clients an engaging, easy, and clear guide on how to use the software. By combining a clear measured voice-over & visual stimuli, the programs are understood easily, and at each user’s own pace.

3D Social Media Rubix Cube

Standing out on social media is key for businesses who want to have a strong social media presence. One way Build Aviator stood out was by commissioning a 3D animation of a branded rubix cube. Connecting with your audience  digitally is as important, if not more important, than in real-life. This animation enables them to do that, whilst also giving them a piece of content that has multiple uses for years to come.

Animated Demo Explainer Video – Easy Price Pro Service

We’re living in the digital age. Many companies now have their own custom built software, platforms & apps. What we have seen is more and more of these companies using the power of animation to market these products, both internally and externally. Using animation, within a couple minutes, you can show off it’s features and get people excited and engaged. All whilst selling them on the idea that this is the software for them. This animated demo explainer video for Build Aviators software ‘Easy Price Pro’ has done all those things since completion.

The Result

Our work with Build Aviator shows that animation is effective throughout multiple parts of any business. Whether that’s outbound marketing, internal company communications, or direct marketing to existing clients. The limits to animation and its uses are endless.

What our client Said

“Working with the Animation Guys is brilliant. They understood the audience and the brief. Over delivered – would highly recommend using their services”

– Rachel Box, Marketing Manager at Build Aviator

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