A modern and polished video solution for a company that provides the most modern, specialist solutions in digital recruitment around the globe.

The Brief

Salt Digital Recruitment (Salt) is the leading digital recruitment agency connecting the best talent with businesses around the world, connecting people and businesses globally within Creative, Marketing, Sales and Technology. They were perfectly poised within their industry to capture their audience with their offering. Now all they needed was an engaging and captivating way to explain their offering to the right people. So we created a digital recruitment animation for them. They would also be using the video to expand their footprint to a wider audience to help make use of their global talent pool. The video we created for them does exactly that and more.

Our Response

Initial Style

Working closely with Salt on this digital recruitment animation from the beginning, we wanted to push the design of the project to match the colorful and diverse nature of their business. As seen in the carousel on the right, project can go through many iterations on their journey. Establishing this initial style direction and exploring many different options is very important for finding what works for the audience and the company as a whole. Being able to operate in a global market, their target audience lives and works everywhere in the world. It was vital that this fact, among many others, was evident throughout the animation. This meant finding a style that would work around the world. As seen in the images to the right, the progression of different styles means this can progress drastically from the initial ideas as the project grows and develops. Salt worked with us to push the visual style of the video in the direction they needed to give them a current, vivid, and exciting tool to use, whilst also capturing the fluid and brightly colors shown in their new branding.

Characters & Development

Salt is centered around people. They match the right people with the right employers from anywhere and everywhere in the world. For us, this represented a challenge that we relish. Our designers worked hard to push the creative direction of the environment and characters within this digital recruitment animation in such a way to really capture the diversity shown around the world and also in Salts working environment. This means not only choosing the right shapes and characters for each scene and idea generated in the script but also capturing the correct colors. It was also decided early on that some of these characters and their respective colors would be representative of the different sectors that Salt operates within. Creative, Marketing, Sales & Technology. As a project develops, and you see all the scenes come together, it evolves and grows. This was especially true with Salt. As Salt’s branding developed and we became more in-tune with their needs, the projects colour palette and designs went through a major overhaul. The images you see on the left illustrate what the previous colouring of the assets looked like.

Additional Deliverables

When a video marketing tool such as this comes along that is so striking and explains your business well, it often becomes the number 1 tool and most people’s first impression of the company on their website landing page. Salt has used this to its advantage by rolling out the video and its respective assets across its website and social media. This means that Salt gets far more uses out of the video and its effect is magnified when used in conjunction with these different assets. This can be seen across their website and social media with video headers & banners, characters, individual assets, and shorter versions of the video with targeted key messaging. Each used on its own is highly effective, yet together they offer a complete brand identity for users old and new.

The Result

Salt is helping to connect humans across the world and give them opportunities they may never have discovered before. The Animation Guys are glad to be involved and we’re proud of the final video. Together we were able to create a wonderful piece of animation that will be viewed across the globe. Additionally to the final video you see below, multiple versions for country specific locations were created, such as for New Zealand.

Social Media Additionals

In addition to the final video we created for Salt, we also created a selection of different aspect of Social media edits of the video for them to use throughout their multi-channel marketing. This included 3 15-second edits addressing Covid-19 and other targeted pieces of branding. A 30-second edit of the full film for use on certain social media channels & also a splash edit for their website & Facebook headers.

What our client Said

“Working with The Animation Guys has been an absolute delight. We were really excited to be working on this project with them. From start to finish they made the process enjoyable and informative. NFA couldn’t be happier with the final product and we very much look forward to working with them again soon.”

Luke Barritt

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