‘Does Technology help or hinder humanity?’That was the topic of a recent event at The Club at The Ivy held by immersive content studio REWIND, and it was the question we wanted to answer.Working with REWIND we developed a 2 minute animated recap of the insightful discussion.

The Brief

When you have an event with speakers and long content-heavy discussions that can last an hour or more, you need a way to re-engage your audience post-event. The successful and creative way to do that is with an event highlight animation that sums up some of the key points. The video provides an engaging narrative with visual storytelling that makes your event stand out from the crowd and sparks new discussions and interest around the topic.

Our Response

This is exactly what we did at a recent event in tandem with tech pioneers REWIND. Founder Sol Rogers sat down with Sir Martyn Lewis to discuss all manner of topics from 5G to driverless cars, cyber warfare to the space race. Our task was to take this 1.5-hour long rich discussion and condense this down into a 2-minute event highlight video that would highlight some key points and keep the discussion active within the community.

What enabled us to connect the narrative together was to bring to life both Sol & Martyn in animation form, mirroring the real-life event. This enabled us to use them as an anchor for the discussion and the visuals that would appear on the screen. Through in depth character design we distilled them down to fit within the style so that everything would come together as a cohesive whole. We also implemented subtle textures to the characters to give them an added depth and movement to compliment their refined overall design.

Our focus for the video was to represent the different topics on the screen with visuals that would accent the different talking points. This meant distilling down each of the different talking points into a continuous narrative. Through in-depth discussions within the studio we brought to life different concepts that flow from one to the next in interesting ways. Combining this with cut away character scenes of them talking helped to ground the visuals as imagined concepts from the talk.

The Result

The final video flows neatly through the different topics and allows the audience to be informed if the technology does help or hinder humanity, in a short and precise manner. This greatly expands the number of people who are willing to learn about this topic. Instead of taking an hour out of your day, you now only have to take 2 minutes, and you can have lots of fun doing it!

What our client Said

“Loved working with The Animation Guys on two video productions. I found them to be friendly, creative, efficient, flexible and accommodating. Good people to work with and we were really pleased with the end result.”

– Gemma Bingham, Marketing Communications Manager at Home & Legacy Insurance Services Ltd

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