The Brief

We were approached by global consultancy firm AlixPartners with a need to bring excitement and life to their recent rebrand. They were looking to create an animation that made a big impact and that would leave a lasting impression of who they were as a brand. The animation had to hit all the right notes to tell their brand story without the use of a traditional narrative or voiceover.

Ultimately we needed to develop a sophisticated brand animation that elegantly introduced AlixPartners’ new identity elements and created intrigue around their services. We needed to create these elements in such a way that could be repurposed as still images for other marketing collateral including slide decks and presentations to perfectly accompany the video. 

Our Response

Our creative approach involved beginning with 2D elements that gracefully transition into 3D shapes, each meticulously textured to reflect the sectors in which the company operates. One of the challenges of this project was making sure that it felt cohesive and had a natural flow to the animation as there were many moving parts to this project. From mixing 2D and 3D animation to transitioning from different elements and materials. We had to ensure that the concept fit from start to finish and showcased the brand in a way that felt true to their identity.

What we delivered was a well-orchestrated dance between our 2D and 3D teams. While our 2D experts crafted captivating transitions that morphed between the colour shapes, our 3D team delved into real world materials that would give the animation its unique flair. The result of mixing 2D and 3D animation for this project not only met, but exceeded our client’s expectations. 


Delivered on time and within budget

A seamless blend of 2D and 3D animation

An impactful brand video with a very happy client

Look Development

We were given a geometric shape language to work with as the creative basis for the overall concept. Starting with the letter ‘A’ taken from their brand logo which we then morphed into a variety of colourful bold 2D shapes. The brand animation needed to demonstrate the flexibility of the language and how it could evolve into many different iterations, a nod to AlixPartners multifaceted nature as a brand. 

Once the 2D shapes were created it was time to then expertly morph them from 2D to 3D. The result we needed to achieve was to display the 2D elements and then have an exciting beat in the middle where it would then seamlessly transition to 3D. Ultimately mixing 2D and 3D animation together.

Our 3D team worked on creating the highly realistic animation for each of the different elements that the shapes morphed into. Crafting the 3D elements was a very immersive process as we had to make sure the materials felt realistic and visually appealing. 

For the 3D animation we decided on the use of glass, concrete, wood and greenery to subtly show the industries AlixPartners worked within. Once the textures were perfected, the real magic began. We worked on simulations for the elements including light shining through glass and the movement of the shapes as they transform –  bringing the whole animation to life. 

Early PreVisualisation

AlixPartners had many of the 2D ideas clearly defined in their storyboard and then gave us the creative freedom to experiment with the 3D elements. The client had some great references to steer us in the briefing meeting and we were then fortunate to be granted a considerable degree of creative freedom, allowing us to explore and experiment with different ways we could visualise the creative collateral provided to us. The overall design was to be an abstract and dynamic visualisation of the brand that used the sharp shape language as a springboard for the 3D elements. 

Crafting the sound 

Sound played a pivotal role in enhancing the viewer experience, as the narrative relied solely on the movements and animation of the shapes. We worked closely with our sound designers to bring the environment to life, adding context to the scenes and giving weight and realism to the moving shapes. From the aeroplane engines taking off, to the scraping of the concrete, every sound was chosen to elevate the visuals and viewing experience while keeping the animated shapes front and centre.

behind the scenes

This was a fantastic 3D project for us at The Animation Guys and we loved being able to flex our creative muscles. Not only did it get our creative juices flowing but it allowed us to really showcase our 3D skills and even learn some new tricks along the way. 

For our team it was a very collaborative effort where everyone rolled up their sleeves from both the 2D and 3D teams. Each of the team took a scene, came up with ideas and bounced off each other, selecting the very best ones for the finished product. In the end, the final outcome was a highly visual concept that did not focus on story or character but instead needed to showcase the brand’s identity through sleek visuals that were highly abstract and required a lot of creative input. This project was a true collaboration and experimentation that we thoroughly relished. 

Of course, we couldn’t finish without mentioning our amazing client. At The Animation Guys we are fortunate to work with a range of excellent partners, but we would like to give a special shout-out to AlixPartners. It was a dream to work on this project with them and the creative freedom and collaboration paid off in dividends with an expertly crafted brand animation and a very happy client. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and look forward to embarking on more such creative journeys.

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Happy client

“Thank you so much to you and the team. This is brilliant work. I’m going to very much enjoy taking this and proudly showing everyone in the firm.”

Behind the scenes

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