An animated explainer video for a biotechnology start-up with a complex new product.

The Brief

Stem Cell Fairy is an innovative biotechnology start-up that offers new parents the opportunity to store their child’s stem cells, helping to protect them against disease in later life. Being a new company, operating in a technological industry with a complicated new product, Stem Cell Fairy came to us to help them explain what they do and why they do it.

Our Response

Brought in at a very early stage, we set to work on a 2D animated explainer video that would give a simple overview of Stem Cell Fairy’s complex product offering while striking an emotional chord.

Charity Marketing Strategy

Biotechnology and stem cell storage are not typically approachable subjects, so it was important we made the animation feel friendly and human. As the project progressed, the characters and visual language from the animation started to form the basis of Stem Cell Fairy’s visual identity.

This led us to team up with branding agency March Branding, who developed a full brand identity from the animation’s assets.

Project stills

The Result

The animation was used across Stem Cell Fairy’s digital and marketing channels, with
short 10-second executions created for social media.

What our client Said

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