A clean and slick software animation for commercial property software giant Coyote that helps to explain their product & their offering.

The Brief

Coyote is the leading software solution built by property professionals, for property professionals. Every feature has been developed to solve a pain point; designed to make something faster, designed to make something better. Created out of a belief that there had to be a better way. We worked closely with Coyote to develop a landing page software animation video that would help them land clients, see what we did there?

Our Response

Initial Style

When going through one of the first major milestones in the process, style frames, it’s important to get the correct steer from the project. These first stages are where things are very open and subject to change. What the initial style may look like, throughout the lifecycle of the project, will most likely develop as both our team and a client become more familiar with the project, the brand guidelines and where we want to take it. Animation as a medium is o broad that can encapsulate so many different ideas and message, that ensuring you have the look you want for your company is very important. This is very apparent in this project with Coyote. The video evolved and improved as we went along. The visuals you can see on the right were early style frames that took small excerpts from the script and brought them to life. Often, a style frame is there almost as a stepping stone to ensure we’re heading in the right visual direction. This means that as the project develops they may not even end up in the final video. The early stylings of the Coyote software animation went through multiple idea generations with how to represent certain ideas on screen, through the colours, the detail of the design & also the concepts that would bring each line of the script to life.

Storyboard Development

A storyboard visualises each story beat from the script and marries them up to the style established in the style frames. When thinking about how the visuals translate into animation, how the audience is brought through the video is very important. This can be the difference between a dead video on an empty website or a successful explainer that is seen by many. How do you keep them engaged? Creating a seamless story that drives the video from beginning to end is very important. Refining your story, messaging & visuals to keep up this energy and ensure a consistent tone is paramount to a successful storyboard, and in turn a successful video. On the left, you can see a selection of scenes that, through the development and close work with Coyote didn’t end up in the final software animation, or were adjusted and developed further. With each successive iteration at each milestone, the project gets closer and closer to the final video you see on Coyotes landing page.

Additional Deliverables

Coyote is originally a UK centric company, however, they now operate in both the UK & US markets. This software animation was to be rolled out by both marketing teams. As such, they needed two voiceovers for the project. Due to the minute differences in language between the countries, this also meant some small adjustments to the visual display text within the video. Ensuring that your video & marketing tools are tailored to your audience can be the difference between them watching 5 seconds, and watching to the end. Know your audience, and in turn, they will want to know you!

Software Animation

The Result

The final software animation for Coyote sits proudly on their homepage and helps visualise their offering in a clean and concise way, bringing the software to life and enticing customers to find out more.

What our client Said

“Working with The Animation Guys has been an absolute delight. We were really excited to be working on this project with them. From start to finish they made the process enjoyable and informative. NFA couldn’t be happier with the final product and we very much look forward to working with them again soon.”

Luke Barritt

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