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This chapter contains information on writing the perfect script.

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The script is the first step to where your video comes alive.

A great script can make or break a video.

Writing your script is a process where you can identify the key points.

Knowing your audience & video objectives will help guide you here.


Don’t Overload Your Script.

It easy to want to put as much information as possible into your video to get the most for your money.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works. Being concise and clear is far more successful.

If you are unsure about what to leave in and what to edit out, refer back to your audience.

Remember who they are and what key message you are trying to convey.

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How many words should it be?

For an average length video of 60-90 seconds ideally, you are looking for a script of 140 words.

Not a lot right? This is the magic of video.

You don’t have to put everything into words in a voiceover, or text on the screen.

You can visualise ideas rather than explain them. Get the medium of video to work for you.

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” 

– Terry Pratchett


Once you have the first draft of your script, condense it.

If you can say the same thing in 5 words instead of 15, it’s a no brainer which you should choose.

Remember when condensing your script down that the visuals are there to accompany the text and the voiceover and help them.

This means, if something can be explained on screen visually, it’s going to be far more effective than someone explaining it through the voice over.

One final point about condensing.

As much as you are trying to be concise and keep your script short and to the point.

Do not do this at the expense of content.

Do not lose your key message in an attempt to create the shortest script ever, ensure that if you are losing key content in the script, it is being backed up by what the audience is seeing on the screen.

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