At The Animation Guys we love a debate in the office about the great work that is being produced within the industry. This week we’ve turned one of our office chats into a blog! As an expert in producing animated infographic videos, we’ve decided to take a look at the best infographic videos of 2019.

What is an infographic video, you ask? Well, quite simply, it’s an animated on-screen display of data, stats and facts. An infographic video provides a visual alternative to using written presentations or detailed documents to communicate information.

The best thing about an infographic video is that it makes complex information more digestible to the viewer. In just a few seconds, anyone can understand and retain stats and facts that would usually take far longer to consume

Best Infographic Videos Of 2019 Ranking Factors:

  • The design: is the video visually stimulating, strongly branded and flows well?
  • Presentation of info: has the video brought data, stats and facts to life?
  • Comprehension: is the video easy to understand?
  • Engagement: did we enjoy watching it?

So without further delay, here are our pick of the best infographic videos of 2019!

Drum roll please…

An animated infographic video by Sara Farnsworth that summarises ‘things that might kill you … but probably won’t’ with a range of obscure ways of dying from falling coconuts to dying in a fairground accident.

Why we love it: This is one of our personal favourites! Short, sweet and to the point with clever use of humour. The animations are simple but effective with sleek movement and a captivating display of statistics. Overall it really kept our attention, drawing us to the statistics on display while using humour excellently to engage its audience. Quick shout out to the hilarious shark attack animation!

An infographic video by the University of Sussex about the impact of Britain leaving the EU without a trade agreement in place. 

Why we love it: We’re sure you don’t want to hear about Brexit, but stay with us! This highly visual infographic video conveys some very interesting but rather complex data in a simplified and digestible format that anyone can understand. The video is well laid out and the voiceover is clear and easy to interpret. 

We like the mix of images and information and came away from the video with a much clearer understanding of the impact on Britain if we leave the EU without a trade deal in place.

From death by coconut to international cargo transportation. This animated infographic video by AT&T focuses on their ‘cargo view’ product for corporate air freight shipping.

Why we love it: The excellent use of colour immediately stands out in this video with a friendly and engaging colour palette that avoids a more corporate/sterile tone. The fluid movement throughout the video is impressive and is friendly on the eye with enough movement to keep you captivated and engaged but not too much to confuse you or lose key messaging.

The strong and clear voiceover in the video also works well to deliver the key facts and numbers and keep viewers aligned with the tempo of the video.

This is a rather well known video by the organisation ‘Care To Click’, that outlines how their organisation works and how people can make a difference.

Why we love it: The beauty of this video is its ability to convey the organisation’s goal, key messaging and how you can help, in just over one minute. Extremely clearly as well! The images perfectly conjure up some of the key areas the organisation works in whilst the motion graphics help visualise how each click can benefit the focus areas.

Animation videos for charities are a key focus area of ours, and as shown in the ‘Care To Click’ example, being able to convey key messaging can be achieved so simply and effectively by harnessing the power of an animated video. Had ‘Care To Click’ opted for a written brief to show potential supporters, we’re fairly certain the results wouldn’t have been as effective!

Cool, techy and totally focused on facts!

Why we love it: Because construction has never looked this good! The design of this infographic video is modern, the voiceover is clear, the pace is perfect and data is presented visually. It’s so good, we wish we had made it…oh wait, we did!

The key challenge for this project was to convey Smartwires’ key services but in a way that captured attention and was easy to understand. The video is also a powerful sales tool, showcasing the benefits of Smartwires’ product offering without appearing too salesy.

So there you have it – our best infographic videos of 2019! Our mix of video formats and animation styles shows that an infographic can take almost any form. If you have complex information, data, statistics or facts to communicate, an infographic video could be the perfect solution!

Get in touch to find out more about infographic videos and corporate animation. We’d love to help!