Climate Change Animation Introduction

At this moment in time, there aren’t many conversation topics that are more pertinent than climate change. We’re letting the health of the planet decline at a startling rate, despite the fact that the issue is very real and on a global scale. But how can we get people, governments or corporations to listen to an issue that they won’t address, even as they stare down the barrel of the gun.

If we had one all-encompassing answer for you then we would no doubt be considered world-famous for our methods of persuasion by now. However, we do know of one way to help outline the issues and remedies surrounding the matter of our deteriorating planet –  a climate change animation video.

How A Climate Change Animation Can Help

There is no one single remedy to halting the rampaging issue of climate change. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. We are all aware that change needs to happen to prevent the problem becoming too extreme to control. Yet so many are still reluctant to take the necessary measures. That’s where a climate change animation video can help visualise the issue and educate individuals.

Animation is a medium that isn’t bound by anything other than your imagination. With it we can show people the brutal realities of their future, turn scientific stats into easy-to-understand facts and, most importantly, depict the value of taking action.

If you are hosting an event in the interest of raising awareness (such as Glasgow’s COP26 event in 2021), or wish to show how your brand can help find a solution, animation can help condense the complexities into clips that reveal the core concepts and values in an engaging and educational manner.

Bring The Issue (And The Solution) To Life

We have all seen footage of receding ice caps, uncontrollable forest fires and stunning creatures sadly submitting to extinction. Unfortunately, while such hard hitting videos do promote empathy in viewers, the sad reality is that if this isn’t directly affecting those watching, they’re unlikely to take action.

Animation can be a brilliant vehicle for bringing these issues to viewers’ doorsteps. When faced with the reality of how global warming is having an effect on their lives; people, businesses and governments are often more susceptible to adapting their lifestyle and provoking action.

As much as animation is effective in the manner in which it outlines the issue at hand, it’s just as crucial to highlight the potential remedies for said issues. Take our work on the UNSSC, for example. Here, we created a series of isometric E-Learning Animations that seek to educate the employees within the UN on different modules within their RCO Learning Path.

Visualise The Past, Present & Future

Time travel hasn’t been invented (yet…) so it can be difficult to truly visualise what horrific repercussions the future could potentially hold for our planet. It’s all well and good throwing ominous stats at people, but the human brain has a penchant for the visual. In fact, 90% of information processed by the brain is visual.

Therefore, presenting information in a manner that will appeal to this mutual characteristic of ours is a good way to attain and hold people’s attention. So, when outlining the severity of the situation, whether it be comparing the past with the present or the present with the future, why not consider using an animated report to help the vital points really latch on.

Make Scientific Jargon Consumable

While climate change is an issue that everyone has an opinion on, the reality is that the subject relies heavily on the expertise of world-renowned scientists. Without the countless hours of research that have been devoted to the matter, we would likely all be unaware that the ship we are all on was even sinking.

With this reliance on science comes the issue of refining research and molding it into a format that can be understood by the masses. Climate change animation can bring research and statistics to life and portray it in a format that is appealing and absorbable for all.

For our work with FACTDialogue, we produced an animation explaining what is currently happening to the worlds forests, the reasons for the deforestation that is currently occurring, and why the FACT Dialogue has been created in the lead up to the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow.

Show How You’re Making A Difference

Whether you’re a big-time environmentalist or someone taking their first foray into the world of sustainability and climate change consciousness, it is good to show the good that your brand is doing. We are heading into an era where such considerations are becoming a necessity rather than an additional benefit. And rightly so!

Outlining just how you carry out such measures adds a more genuine feel to your company and bolsters your brand story. Plus, 80% of internet users will watch a video compared to just 20% willing to read a page. Using an animated process video to show the ways through which you are caring for the planet will help educate your audience – whether it be individuals or entire businesses – and solidify your image as an environmentally-friendly brand.

Let’s Get Started

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