Social media has boomed over the past decade. It has now become an essential piece in the marketing puzzle and helped some businesses build up bigger followings than most magazines or TV channels. Of the top 20 most popular websites on the internet, six of them are social media sites.

But how do you build a strong following? And with so many people posting content on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, how do you cut through the noise?
The answer to the first question is engaging content. The answer to the second is animated social media video.

Animated Social media video is moving image content that’s designed to live on social media channels. This means short, sharp bursts of content that grab people’s attention as they scroll through their feed. Anyone can post up an image or a few lines of text, but very few can post a high quality piece of animated video. By creating content that most people can’t, that’s how brands and businesses can cut through the noise.

As well as grabbing attention, video content can also make social media messages more memorable. The human brain finds it much easier to compute visuals than text, so a video is processed more effortlessly (and in less time) than any other form. That means audiences are more likely to engage with a social media video than they would with a static image or text update.

Social media video is also a clever way for a business to align itself with big news stories on a small budget. Newsjacking (piggybacking on current events to promote a brand or product) has become increasingly popular and lends itself perfectly to the rapid-fire nature of social media.

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