We understand that engineering is a complex industry. When it comes to explaining engineering solutions in a concise manner, using visual aids can help sell them as a concept to the wider world. This is where a 3d engineering animation comes in.

By breaking concepts down and presenting them in a manner suited to your specific audience, mechanical engineering animation offers a bridge of communication between experts on the subject and those who are uninitiated within the field.

How exactly can a 3D animated video clip do this? Read on to find out…

Make It Look Like The Real Thing

People often associate animation with whimsical cartoons or the next big family movie. In reality, and thanks to modern technology, 3D engineering animation offers the prospect of lifelike visuals through hyperrealism.

You may be wondering “If we want it to look like the real thing, why not just video the real thing?…”. Well, while live action footage may offer the real deal, animation lets you both mimic reality and bend it to your will.

It allows you to show how your product operates, while simultaneously highlighting its most groundbreaking features and how they operate. Not only does it cover every aspect of your engineering process, but it is also personalised to your product or service. We’re talking branding, messaging and of course your product or service in action.

This hyperrealism can be applied to the entire process. This means every step – from first to last – step displayed in an engaging, mind-blowing and yet digestible manner. No more spending hours on sales pitches defining the infinite intricacies of what you can offer to clients, customers and beyond.

Show Solutions From Every Possible (And Impossible) Angle

Sure, live action footage can show off your most notable features. But can it take you through the inner mechanisms of a functioning engine? Or display cross-sections of your engineering products as they operate?

Essentially, 3D engineering animation allows you to show not only what you offer, but also how it is that you can offer it.

As a specialist 3D animation agency, we have encountered and mastered all the best means of displaying products. Take explosion animation for example. No, we’re not taking Die Hard-esque balls of flame engulfing the background as the main character dives to safety. Explosion animation refers to the process of visually dissecting and expanding your product to help viewers view and appreciate all the complex moving parts.

Not only does this animation style help present the spectacular, but it also offers more down to earth depictions of your engineering solutions. By this we mean displaying how it operates within the real world, literally showing its purpose through 3D visuals. Jump from aerial views to detail shots to what’s happening internally with slick frame switches that are not only educational but also eye-catching.

Help Visualise The Invisible

We understand that engineering encompasses a mind-boggling range of concepts, processes and scientific data executed in meticulous detail. For those operating within the industry it is fascinating. For those operating outside the sector, it can seem overwhelmingly complex.

By visualising the invisible, 3D engineering animation captures the imagination of even the most stoic dataphobes and breaks concepts down into the tastiest of bitesize chunks. Think of it like a science lesson at school but infinitely more interesting (partly thanks to the inevitable vested interest in the project, no doubt).

It also offers you the chance to show clients, customers or investors what you have to offer. The opportunity to peacock your brand’s point of difference a little. Show what makes you different by diving into the details that set you apart from the rest and make them central to your messaging. Smoothly incorporate telling facts and figures into your video marketing project. A two birds, one stone kind of scenario.

If you are seeking help on a 3D engineering animation project and are seeking someone to lend a hand, get in touch with our friendly team here. Our experience as an engineering animation company is wide ranging both in the depiction and implementation of your animated footage. So whatever you are after, contact us on +44 (0) 207 2886 319 or email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com.