A dynamic and refined corporate 3D Explainer that lifts brand awareness through sleek motion graphics.

The Brief

Aluprof UK LTD, is one of the prominent European suppliers of aluminium building systems for both commercial and individual construction industries. They provide a: professional, approachable service of Aluminium Systems to UK and Ireland’s Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. We created a brand 3D explainer video that embodied their quality and high standard of products that they are associated with, being able to show their history, diversity and breath of services.

Our Response

Animated Timeline

Aluprof wanted to not only shout about the services they currently have and what buildings they are connected with, but also connect with their past and where they came from. One of the clearest ways to do this which you see in the beginning of the video is a visual animated timeline that takes us through key moments in the creation of the company we see today. This is a device that can dynamically bring us through large gaps of time in an elegant whilst also informing us of key pieces of content.

Bringing An Extra Dimension

When working within 3D there is a wide range of tools that can be highly effective within the space to explain, tell stories, and inform audiences. One aspect of the corporate 3D explainer we created for Aluprof was the integration of 2D assets into the 3D space and integrating them in a subtle way to heighten the high end premium feel in line with Aluprofs other marketing to give a real sense of professionalism to the video.

Dynamic Transitioning

With multiple different overall themes running through the video and a variety of sections to get through in terms of content, we needed a clear and engaging way to keep our audience hooked from beginning to end. The way this was achieved was through dynamic transitions that kept a deliberate and refined pace throughout the explainer. These transitions help to take us from an animated timeline, through to large scale Map, down to granular product animations and 2.5D Building portfolios.

The Result

The completed Corporate 3D Explainer Animation engages and builds awareness from the word go, bringing us through a variety of dynamic pieces of content. All coming together to form a cohesive, professional and refined piece of content for Aluprof to use for years to come.

What our client Said

“Working with The Animation Guys has been an absolute delight. We were really excited to be working on this project with them. From start to finish they made the process enjoyable and informative. NFA couldn’t be happier with the final product and we very much look forward to working with them again soon.”

Luke Barritt

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