A streamlined 3D technical process animation that provides a clear explanation of Vulcans Lithium extraction processes in the Rhine Valley Germany

The Brief

Vulcan Energy aims to decarbonise the transition to Electric Vehicles via a world-first Zero Carbon Lithium Project in the Rhine Valley Germany. We worked closely with Vulcan to produce a 3D technical animation that would communicate key information about Vulcans unique process, visualising technical processes’ and showcasing renewable end products.

Our Response

Developing a suitable style

When exploring the style with Vulcan at the start of the project, we wanted to establish a style that felt a world above the traditional technical animation that you may see online. This meant bringing fresh and interesting ideas to the table with the format and how certain elements would be visualised. You can clearly see in the images where a section of the script & process was extracted to help communicate as much information about the style as possible to Vulcan at the early stage. The style clearly captures Vulcans brand look & feel, brings something fresh and new to the table visually, whilst also feeling balanced in the technical animation style that is traditionally seen online.

Breaking Down The Process

For any 3D technical animation such as this project with Vulcan, breaking down an extremely detailed, high level, industrial & mechanical process requires multiple steps to ensure that prior to moving into the world of 3D decisions have been made about what needs to be communicated and to what level for the audience. This was done initially through the scripting stages at the start of the project but then was refined and finalised through sketch storyboarding with the client. For Vulcan, this meant balancing an explaination of the detailed process and also communicating to the audience the importance & impact the new processes they created will have globally and environmentally.

Communicating Technical Information

Whenever a 3D technical animation is created, explaining the process in a constructive concise manner for the audience is a must. This may mean visualising cut-away views of machinery, floating parts and particles and callouts that help to direct the attention to specific parts, processes & features. 3D allows the freedom to move around machinery and along industrial pipelines to different buildings. Visualisations such as this are vital to break down the complicated and detailed process into a format that is manageable and easily understood by potential audience members coming to the topic with fresh eyes. When visualising these stripped back processes and cut-aways, they need to be balanced with more refined and simplified visuals so that the audience isn’t overloaded with information and are kept engaged.

A Unique Voice

One unique part of this project was the voiceover. This video was voiced by F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg who was brought on board for the project not only because he is a Sustainability Entrepreneur, but also to help the project gain more traction globally to raise awareness of this safer and more sustainable process that has been created.

The Result

The final 3D technical animation was highly successful and helped to explain a new process that will change the way that the world thinks about this technology. We had a pleasure working with Vulcan and cannot wait to see the impact the new process in the Rhine Valley will have across the globe.

What our client Said

“We approached the Animation Guys with quite a challenging brief but they did a great job in bringing our vision to life and created four fantastic animations for us. Friendly, down to earth and from start to finish, they listened and took on board our every wish. I would definitely recommend this team.”

R Nancarrow


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