Food and drink branding is a practice as old as time. We all need to eat and drink – many of us experience almost epiphanous enjoyment out of it. Yet despite the endless choice of glut-inspiring grub and blissful beverages available to us at any given time, it’s often difficult to say exactly what it is that we fancy.

In the consumer-driven society that we live in today, it’s impossible to walk down any city street without having some form of food and drink marketing glaring in your face. Therefore, from a marketer’s perspective, it can be difficult to know how best to brand your consumable products in a manner that will break through the incessant noise of competing brands.

Luckily we have just the thing up our sleeve to help add that little extra element of spice to your marketing – food and drink animation.

Here’s some of the reasons that animation could well be the most effective recipe for success.

Package Your Product However You Like


Animation allows you to think outside the box. In fact, we often forget about the box’s existence altogether. So how you present your food and drink products is entirely up to you.

A consumable product is only as appealing as the associations that come with it. Imagine a refreshingly cool ice lolly fighting off the indomitable heat of the sun. Or a new brand of sweet, soft marshmallows melting gently on the warmth of a welcoming campfire. Animation can help strong associations be built between food/drink and the most appealing of situations. It gives your product more than flavour – it gives it purpose.

Think of food and drink animation as free creative reign for showing off your product’s most tantalising features, as well as effectively tying into your more holistic marketing campaigns. We’re not sure any of us literally want to taste the rainbow for example, but Skittles have sure convinced us that we do. That’s the power of potent marketing strategy and product animation working in sweet harmony, people.

In fact, your animation needn’t be directly about your product. It can also be applied to alternative campaigns or initiatives that you are looking to promote. Take this project that we did for Absolut Vodka regarding safe trips home at the end of a night out.

Add a Sprinkle of Colour and Motion

Did you know that when buying a product, 93% of buyers focus on the visual experience? Well animation is about as visual as an experience gets! By elegantly merging emotive colours and attention-drawing movements, you can perfectly compliment the purpose of your food and drink branding exercise. Animation helps not only garner attention in all the right ways but also give a sense of what your product is all about. 

This free use of expressful colour and motion is a tool waiting to be harnessed by your brand. Not only is it eye-catching, but it allows your food or drink product and your branding to interact in the same realm. However, utilising personalised colours and slick movements to tie brand and product together is not where it stops.

Certain colours and movements are intrinsically affiliated with specific emotions and impressions. Why not use near-garish hues and fun shapes to market your new child-friendly snack? Or use effective 3D animation to show off all the best sides of your frosty-cold, appealingly condensation-dappled canned drink? Or show off the nutritional benefits of your product with eye-catching labels?

For an idea of how colour and motion can entwine to highlight a consumable product, check out this video that we did for famously tasty Belgian drinks brand Leffe

Mascots/character animation

Research suggests that mascots have the ability to increase emotional connection to a food and drink product by 41%. By allowing them to leap off the packet and onto the audience’s screen through character animation, you are therefore supercharging one of your most iconic assets.

The fact that a character drawn on a page or created on a screen can extract a wealth of emotions is one of the core reasons that we love the medium of animation. So why not partner your lovable mascot more closely with your food and drink branding?

Some of the most memorable food brands come with a quirky animated character in tow. Tony the Tiger. The Jolly Green Giant. Mr Poppin Fresh. The ever-sophisticated Mr Peanut. All are classic cases of using a lovable character as a food and drink branding tool. They add an extra level of appeal to the brand and therefore the grub associated with it. And this expands beyond intentional branding into popular cartoons as well.

Just try telling us you never experienced cravings for a slice of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ pizza or were intrigued by the taste of Homer’s favourite Duff beer. Our range of experience in food and drink video production allows us to create tailored animation videos that suit your specific needs, and to execute and deliver projects seamlessly. 

If you want to learn more about the best ingredients for an effective consumable product video marketing strategy, get in touch. You can email us at or call us on 0207 2886 319.