Climate change is a subject that is currently sitting in the back of every mind and on the tips of every lip in the world right now. And with good reason. It is an issue that affects not only everyone on the planet but also – to a more dramatic extent – everyone that will be here once we are gone. The facts and figures surrounding the subject are staggering.

For example, did you know that sea levels have risen by six inches in the last 100 years? Or the fact that 46% of the world’s forests have already been destroyed? Perhaps you did know. Perhaps you didn’t. Or perhaps you are aware of such facts but they haven’t quite stuck in your memory. This is where a climate change animation video can step in to help such issues last longer in the memory.

The issue with climate change is that most people aren’t there on the front lines witnessing it for themselves. Global warming, whilst very much a real problem that we are all facing today, isn’t strictly tangible. Through striking visuals, condensing complex information and portraying significant events in a particular light, animation can bring this issue down from its global scale to a more consumable – and therefore memorable – format.

Here are just some of the ways that animation can help power the future of climate change.

Visualising The Issue (And The Solution)

The devastating results of the climate change crisis are colossal and are only going to get more extreme as time passes. While we do see footage of blazing fires, flash floods or melting ice caps in various corners of the world, the issues with this footage are twofold.

Firstly, while a shot of these catastrophes are indeed harrowing, they don’t show the full scale issue. For example, seeing a section of the Amazon Rainforest being decimated to make room for more farmland does not portray the sheer scale of the issue (around 1,000,000 hectares a year). And secondly, if it isn’t happening on their doorstep, many people gloss over such imagery.

A climate change animation can help with these issues. To counteract the first issue, animation can help people visualise just how dramatic the global climate issue really is. Think explainer videos showing the sheer scale of global deforestation, the catastrophic effects of the fishing industry, or the inevitable results of climate change if we don’t take action now.

In terms of the second issue, animation can bring the issue to your doorstep. By this we mean that animation can be used as a window into the horrific future that every corner of the globe will face in the wake of climate change. When individuals see the impending devastation that looms over their local area, their eyes become open to the consequences that our planet could face.

On a more upbeat note, animation can also be a tool to help change. By highlighting how we can help prevent the issues that lie in wait, animated videos can be a tool for teaching individuals about environmentally-friendly actions without having to read through. Take this video we made for renowned radio advertising company Radioville. The humorous theme of the video helps to grab attention about a serious issue before providing tips on how small actions can all help our environment, both local and global.

Displaying The Data

Being a matter heavily steeped in scientific research, the climate crisis and the evidence proving its severity are very stat-heavy. While this data is vital to the cause, it is often a struggle to present it in a manner that appeals to the masses… Animation helps change stats from numbers on a sheet of paper to a more interactive and interesting medium for presenting data.

Whether you are presenting data to a client in a report or revealing telling information to a more general audience, animation can bring stats to life through a more easily interpreted format. This could be through
an entire report in animated form or using infographic snippets as part of the presentation process. In fact, research has shown that viewers retain 95% more information when presented with data in a video format rather than reading it.

Take this piece of work that we created for the Business Design Centre in London. Outlining the venue’s renewable mission, the simple video portrays both the mission to become more sustainable and how they are going about achieving it. The visually appealing nature of the animation not only helps bring attention to the clip but also makes it easier to digest.

Promoting The Events

Given the importance of climate change in this day and age, there has been an increase in the number of events for promoting awareness of the matter. These events are a crucial vehicle for driving education on the subject and creating hype around them during their build up is key to reaching a wider audience. This is where a climate change animation video comes in.

Through the use of video content, we can outline what the event is about, what it will be covering and why it is important. This is exactly what we created for the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow this year. As per the brief, our 4 minute animated video helped outline the issues around climate change, the ways that we can help and why the event was so important.

Unfortunately, climate change is an issue that will only grow in significance as time trundles on. As an animation company that holds the importance of sustainability at its very core, we are aware of the issues and are proud to be part of the remedy moving forward. 

If you are keen to learn more about the effectiveness of a climate change animation video, or have an interest in creating an animated video of your own on the subject, contact our team by calling +44 (0) 207 2886 319 or emailing