Art has always had a way of influencing the general public. Powerful imagery has a means of inspiring change and evoking emotion in a manner that no other medium can truly replicate. It can open people’s eyes to new situations, impart wisdom they had never before conceived of and draw our feelings to the surface in a dramatic fashion. This is why art is so often used as a vehicle for inspiring charitable causes.

When we come into contact with any form of charity artwork, it’s typical that something will stick in our minds. Damning impressions of how climate change is changing our planet. Sombre images depicting less fortunate brackets of society both local and abroad. Striking metaphors resonating from a piece of modern art that you’re still not entirely sure you understand (but they impacted you nonetheless).

You’ll no doubt be left with a different outlook on the world and perhaps a desire to help remedy some of the situations more desperately in need of help. But how is it that this charity artwork achieves this reaction? Does art have the ability to grip our emotions like nothing else? Or are we a touch more easily led than we would like to think? That’s what we are unravelling here.

The Power of the Visual Arts

As an animation agency, we see ourselves as purveyors of the visual arts (sorry for the casual flex). Regardless of the nature of the videos that we create, they are each unique in style and purpose. It is the ability to mould artistic content around the latter that gives it the ability to influence those perceiving it. Arguably nowhere is this more prevalent than in charity.

Research shows that the human brain processes imagery at 60,000 times the rate that it does words. You read that right – sixty thousand times! Therefore, it should come as no real surprise that art holds such a crucial role in inspiring new thoughts and perspectives on a charitable cause. In an instant, art can leave a lasting impression that would take a novel’s worth of eloquent wording to achieve otherwise. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you understand what we are getting at. 

Taking a step back from the charity sector for a second, there are numerous significant examples of art’s influence on society’s opinions. Think of influential propaganda posters, the feminist art movement of the 80s or the slew of harrowing anti-war imagery emerging from 1940 onwards. Designed to change the way people think, these pieces succeeded.

Now, we aren’t going to claim that the likes of charity animation match the cultural significance of Picasso’s Guernica… However, it does follow a similar pattern in its power to change perspectives within society.

Opening the Eyes of the Public

One of the primary roles of a charity’s marketing efforts is to open the community’s eyes to the issue at hand. Unfortunately, our global society is far from a modern utopia. So the quantity of causes in need is sky high. Therefore, making people aware of what’s really going on and how they can help, is often a challenge for many charities.

We can probably all recall some artistic reference towards the issue. Whether it be through a telling advert or abstract charity artwork, these pieces have a way of lodging key messaging within our memories. Visually witnessing the potential ramifications of an issue will always outweigh individuals explaining it to you. It is through this vividness that people aspire to help change things for the better.

Animation’s Role in Charity

The flexibility of animation as a medium for carrying a specific message is one of its greatest features as a visual medium. You can conceivably represent the past, present and future in a meaningful way. With this comes the power to create stories that resonate with the audience and last long in the memory.

Using charity animation gives the organisation in question full creative range. We are talking about concepts that live action shots could never replicate, no matter how striking the imagery. For this reason, animation is growing in stature as a creative avenue for those working in charity video production. It is a form of art that ties unique visuals with lucid storytelling. What more could you ask for when raising awareness about a charitable cause?

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