Deciding where to leave your possessions when you pass can be a difficult decision. Encouraging someone that your organisation is the correct place to leave a donation can be even more difficult. However, when considering the best strategy for promoting your in memory fundraising options, a legacy fundraising animation may be just the answer that your charity is seeking.

Here we explain how legacy fundraising animation works and how to make the very most of it when it comes to designing an animated video to reach your target audience.

What is Legacy Fundraising Animation?

Legacy fundraising, or legacy giving, refers to the donations that supporters look to leave to your non-profit organisation when they pass away. But we’re sure you already knew that! A legacy fundraising animation video is a form of media designed to help people better understand how legacy fundraising works, promote the concept of legacy fundraising as well as showcase how a donation can positively impact the work of the charity.

A legacy fundraising animation allows charities to summarise what they stand for as well as highlight the differences that can be made from the generosity of donors. Specifically it can highlight exactly where donations will go, helping individuals decide whether or not you are the right organisation with which to leave their funds after they pass. No mean feat.

Legacy Fundraising As Part Of Your Fundraising Marketing Strategy

Leaving a gift to a non-profit organisation is a brilliant cause to consider for those wondering where to leave their earthly possessions. However, choosing exactly who to leave a legacy donation to can be a difficult choice. Many individuals will have somewhere in mind due to personal experiences. Some are looking to make a generous gesture during their twilight years.

The issue may be that many people won’t know what their donations are going towards or potentially that they might not understand or be aware of the concept of legacy giving. This is where a legacy fundraising animation comes into play.

Charity animation has the brilliant ability to deliver your organisation’s message in a manner that both exactly matches your messaging and displays it in a way that is not only on-brand but also succinct.

Here are just some examples of what you could include in your legacy fundraising animation content:

Help Highlight Previous Successes

No one likes to toot their horn too vehemently, but a little exhibitionism is necessary within any marketing strategy. You can do this through meaningful storytelling, highlighting key statistics or a combination of the two. How you deliver your brand story is up to you. It could prove the key to attracting the right attention to your organisation.

Cross Platform Functionality 

One of the greatest features of your animation is the dexterity of its usage. Not only can you use it across all digital media channels – website, social media, email – but it can also be utilised in the likes of TV adverts and at events. As a beacon of your charity’s message, it will immediately draw attention and create positive associations.

Inform Existing Donors Of Free Will Writing Service

Video marketing is the ideal vessel for bringing your brand’s most alluring features to the attention of the viewer. We know that not only are free will writing services a common perk offered by fundraising institutions, but also that they can often prove the deal maker in certain scenarios. Make sure that you include such elements in your animated video.

Invite Donations Large Or Small

Your animation’s messaging should clearly convey the nature of the donations that you are seeking from the campaign. This will help to avoid any unnecessary monetary complications down the line.

What to Consider When Creating Your Legacy Fundraising Animation?

There are a few factors to consider when mustering up your best ideas for in memory fundraising animation. These include:

What Message are you Trying to Deliver?

What exactly is your organisation about and what would a donation mean for you and those who depend on you? It could be anything from a charity to help out less fortunate individuals to an institution intent on nullifying the effects of climate change.

Your animation should effectively summarise what your organisation stands for and why legacy fundraising would cause a real difference. Give the audience a reason to truly believe in who you are and what you do. The extremely visually pleasing nature and endless diversity of animation helps you get this message across in an efficient yet meaningful manner.

How is it Specific to your Organisation?

With so many institutions to choose from, it would be an understatement to state that donors are spoiled for choice. Therefore, you need to be strategic about how you make your organisation stand out from the crowd. The key thing is to make a personal connection with the audience. This is a significant choice that they are making. A dull, stuffy video message typically won’t cut it.

Make your video stand out through visuals that couldn’t be delivered by anyone else in your sphere. Create characters, tell a story, make it relatable. It is essential that you also consider your branding. Utilise your brand styles and incorporate them into the visually striking video.

What Style of Animation Should You Opt For?

One of the best things about animation is the sheer variety of options available at your fingertips. Production isn’t limited to a simple cartoon encompassing your brand. In fact, this is just the start. Think 2D vs 3D animation. Touching realism or bizarre surreal stylings. You can even just add an element of animation to live footage for that extra level of immersion. It is your project and you can make it exactly what you want.

The important thing is to always bear the audience in mind. What will they connect with? What will speak to them on another level? It is vital that this is front of mind when you go about starting your animation project.

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