Home & Legacy is one of the leading providers of high-value insurance in the UK. They offer a range of home, motor and landlord insurance policies, as well as worldwide travel and building works insurance.

The Brief

Home & Legacy came to us needing to find a solution to promote their new software suite. To do this most effectively and clearly, we decided on an Animated Demo Video. This style of animation would help to explain Home & Legacy’s new software and its features in an easy and digestible manner.

Our Response

An animated demo video video was the perfect solution to explain Home & Legacy’s new software. We were able to go through step by step instructions and show all the areas that their new software covers in this home insurance animation. The benefit of using animation & motion graphics to explain a product such as theirs, allows their users to view the whole product in a comfortable digestible way. We were also able to align the visuals closely to Home & Legacy’s already well-established brand. This ended up being a better solution to the traditional 10-minute screen capture of the software that is regularly seen with projects such as these.

Insurance animation e-trading gold
Insurance animation e-trading blue

When Home & Legacy first approached us, we produced an insurance animation that focused specifically on one of their services and corporate video  It was well received and helped pave the way for a second video that would encompass all of the other services within the suite of solutions they provide. This meant that we could translate the animation style that we had produced initially, right onto the second video. Subsequently, this allowed for enhanced continuity & consistency across both videos.

One important aspect of the video was linking together all the different services that Home & Legacy offer clearly for the audience. Each service within the suite is colour coded using the Home & Legacy brand colours which customers can recognise and refer back to when using their software. We were able to accomplish this linking by mirroring the colour palettes that Home & Legacy’s different services use in our designs for the animated demo video. This enabled the audience, who were familiar with Home & Legacy & their products, to easily reference each sector the business is in.

Insurance animation e-trading red

The Result

The animated demo videos created for Home & Legacy turned out wonderfully & are now watched by many of their customers new & old. As we use more and more digital methods to do business, we will see a trend of more and more animated demo videos appearing infront of our eyes. Home & Legacy is just ahead of the game!

What our client Said

“Loved working with The Animation Guys on two video productions. I found them to be friendly, creative, efficient, flexible and accommodating. Good people to work with and we were really pleased with the end result.”

– Gemma Bingham, Marketing Communications Manager at Home & Legacy Insurance Services Ltd

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