As we hurtle towards a new year, we’re excited to explore some of the biggest video marketing trends for 2020. As a video and animation company, we’ve already seen first-hand how effective video marketing can be for startupscharitiesinsurance firms and other companies of all sizes, across all industries.

2020 is set to be an exciting time for video marketing as these trends take centre stage and drive some impressive results for advertisers.

Let’s take a look at what we expect to be the biggest video marketing trends for 2020…

1. Live videos 

According to Forbes, the daily watch time for Facebook Live videos has quadrupled in a single year. This type of video produces six times as many interactions as traditional videos.

Live videos are set to be one of the biggest video marketing trends for 2020, with social media featuring an increasing demand for this type of film. The great news for Facebookers and Instagrammers who wish to promote their products and services is that live videos are quick, easy and affordable to produce. As the name would suggest, live videos are recorded on the spot and usually feature an individual discussing or showing off something that is relevant to the viewer.

It’s the content that’s key – relevant, useful and, most importantly, personable live videos will help your brand stand out and really engage your target audience.

2. Personalisation

Grenson Personalised Licence

It’s been a growing trend for quite some time already but personalisation is guaranteed to feature as one of the big video marketing trends for 2020. Even today, almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

Advertisers are beginning to experiment with personalisation in their videos on television and we expect to see this increase for online videos too. Car manufacturers, for example, can target adverts to include details of local dealerships. So viewers can contact a dealer immediately after they’ve watched an advert and seen their dream car on screen.

3. Social media videos

As we’ve already covered, one of the most powerful platforms to showcase video is social media. A likely video marketing trend for 2020 will be the creation of dedicated videos for each social media platform.

One video may need to be re-sized, re-designed and even re-worded to appeal to each social media platform. And we expect to see a rise in the number of video marketing apps that will be released to accommodate this need too.

At The Animation Guys, we’ve already created social media videos for a number of clients. So, we are excited to see how this video marketing trend will grow and develop in 2020.

4. 3D animation

3D animation is already a hugely popular choice for video marketers who want to communicate concepts and give their videos a real-world feel.

This form of animation will no doubt be one of the consistent video marketing trends for 2020 and beyond. And, we expect our clients to want really innovative and exciting approaches to their 3D videos.

While there will always be a place in our hearts for classic 2D animation, the opportunities to use 3D animation as a powerful video marketing tool are endless. We can’t wait to bring new 3D animation projects to life in 2020!

5. A switch from telly to online

Video Marketing Trends 2020

According to Google, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. With on-demand television already having re-shaped how we consume visual media, we expect to see more people switch off their telly and watch videos on their phones and laptops instead.

Mobile video consumption is increasing by 100% year on year, so the consumption of video on mobile could well be one of the most prolific video marketing trends for 2020!

6. Wider adoption of video marketing

Today, many companies still appear to be wary or sceptical about the potential of video as an effective marketing tool. As analytics becomes widely available and more successful case studies surface, we’re confident we’ll see an increase in adoption of this powerful tool!

As with the mobile revolution of the early 2000s, video marketing is still (for the most part) an underutilised marketing channel. We’ve already seen how a well designed and cleverly crafted video marketing can drive results for our clients. So we look forward to seeing more brands adopt this trend as a must-have marketing channel in 2020.

Whatever happens next year, we’re sure to see these examples feature alongside other video marketing trends for 2020. If you’d like to find out how to use video marketing to raise the profile of your brand or advertise a product or service, get in touch and let’s chat!