You’ve got a big event coming up. There are general murmurings in the industry but maybe the excitement hasn’t quite kicked off yet. How do you go about shining a spotlight on this shindig? One of the most effective solutions comes in the form of event animation.

With animation’s unending dexterity comes the ability to mould videos into something that is not only unique to the event but also meticulously encapsulates your company’s ethos.

Imagine an event promo video that boasts your most enticing highlights, captures the atmosphere to perfection, grabs your target audience’s attention in a vice-like grip and throws in some on-point branding nuances. Executed in an eye-catching manner. All in the space of a few seconds. That’s animation for you, guys.

But let’s get into the real meat of how event animation can be used to hype up your next big function.

Give an Idea of What’s in Store

It may sound obvious, but filling your event promo animation with a sneak peek of what’s in store is an ideal way to build up hype. This is your chance to dangle the carrot and win yourself some nibbles before the show even gets close to kicking off.

Dip into some of the more enticing features that make your event really stand out. Show off some of the big names making an appearance. Flaunt how awesome your venue is. 

Animation lets you not only do this, but allows you to wrap it all up in a visually appealing bow. We’re talking branding on point, smooth transitions, opening people’s eyes to concepts that live action footage simply cannot mimic. Also, this can be tailored to the crowd that you are aiming your event at.

Not all sections of society have the same taste. That’s why you need to personalise your event marketing video in a manner that will reach them on a deeper level. Animation is the perfect tool for doing just that

Advertising the next big sports event? Animation can add energy and athleticism to your video campaign. 

Lining up an event that could rival Crufts? Give your marketing video a canine flavour that general video clips couldn’t dream of mustering up. 

It’s footage that’s rich in premium content. All bark, no bite (sorry).

Go Beyond the Boundaries of a Typical Event Promo Video

Event videos have a tendency to err on the side of dull. We’ve all seen those stock clips of people chatting at stands, scanning their passes or sharing a forced laugh by the water cooler (cringe). It’s not exactly inspiring is it? Event animation allows you to cast off the shackles of these mundane clips to create something truly unique.

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting the next big climate change summit or an impactful and inspiring charity event. It is your video content, produced in your very own individual style.

Animation lets you not only think outside the box, but create outside the box as well. Think about it – anything that your imagination can muster can be created on screen. Your options are quite literally limitless. This offers the ideal opportunity to truly hype up your event. As in giving your event marketing video campaign a nitrous boost of creativity.

Not only is this eye-catching but it lets people see a side of the event that cannot be captured by standard footage alone. Let them see the event exactly how you want them to see it. This can be anything from bringing festival music genres to life in a burst of metaphoric colour to providing on-screen statistical analysis of athletes about to take to the stage at your sports event.

The screen is your canvas, let us help you paint the picture that you really want.

Smother It Across All Platforms

The advantages of using animated video to hype your event don’t end with the video itself. Video marketing lends itself to just about every platform out there. Resulting in you being able to share your awesome new footage across the entire marketing spectrum.

This means utilising the likes of webpages, social media channels, online advertising, even TV adverts or at the event itself. By tactifully placing your content across the board, you are broadening your chances of hitting the right people at the right time. Granted, this doesn’t entail throwing it out there into the ether in the hope that something sticks. But with a solid video marketing strategy to back it up, your video’s versatility can often prove to be one of its greatest assets.

If you are considering using animation to give your next event that little extra boost of hype let us know and we are sure we will be able to help out. Give our wonderful team a shout via email at or call us on +44 (0) 207 2886 319.