We now live in a day and age where reusing items, giving them another lease on life, is very much the done thing. Recycling our rubbish, searching for bargains in thrift shops. They’ve all become not only the norm but a cool thing to do. And rightly so! Plus, often these things are just as effective – if not more so – the second time round.

Anyway, we aren’t here to preach to you about sustainability (although climate change is something that we staunchly believe in). We are here to show you how to repurpose video content and give it the same glorious second wind as that jazzy shirt that you found in Oxfam back in your university years.

Once a marketing video has been used by an organisation it often gets forgotten about. It’s been created, delivered, fulfilled its purpose, and you want to keep your content fresh. Give it a couple of weeks and you can leave it to fester in the archives, right? Wrong! This is where companies should consider how they can repurpose video content. But how exactly can you effectively repurpose marketing video content?

Here are five ways that you can reuse video content and tailor it to your advantage.

1. Social Media Marketing

By snipping your longer form videos down into more bitesize chunks, you can use these newfound snippets as an alternative means of video marketing. The best place to share them? Social media.Social media is a dominant force in the modern digital world that we live in. The average adult spends 95 minutes of their day browsing these platforms. Therefore it makes for the perfect venue to show off your latest content to a wider audience. As time passes, client requests for some form of social media animation are rising off the charts. And it’s easy to see why!

Not only does repurposed video content allow you to post organic clips on your social channels, it also opens up new angles for social media advertising. On top of that, almost every social platform now has a stories function – the ideal vessel for delivering your expertly crafted snippets. 

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If you are looking to repurpose your animated content, get in touch. We can provide your finished video in a range of ratios tailored for each platform.

2. Events

With our memories of lockdowns, social distancing and general dismay of our collapsing social lives dimming into obscurity, events have made a resurgence in recent months. And so they should. A gathering of like-minded individuals, they offer the opportunity to inspire, invigorate and incite change.

When attending an event it is important that you stand out from the literal crowd. It is a chance to show off what you offer in a manner that no one else has considered. One great way of achieving this is through video. Not only can you repurpose video content as a means of building up hype for the event in question, you can also flaunt your visual assets while there (budget permitting).

3. Website Landing Page Experience

When looking at how to repurpose video content, often we focus on more ambitious projects, bypassing the more simplistically strategic options. Recycling your old video content to spruce up your website is an easy win. Plus, its benefits are multifarious. 

Online Education Animated Videos

Benefit Number One: Your website will look slicker. Research shows that 54% of internet users want to see more video content from their favourite brands. Why not give the people what they want?

Benefit Number Two: They give you the perfect basis for a blog post/article. Having produced your video, you can give it new life by writing a blog on what inspired it, how it was created and how it performed. Easy content.

Benefit Number Three: Videos help boost SEO. Search engine optimisation is key to helping your website perform better and show up in front of all the right people. Video is an excellent means of contributing to this, ensuring people stay on your site longer and subsequently rewarded by search engines as a result.

4. Convert Into Other Mediums

We’re officially outside of the box here, people. But think about it – just because you’re repurposing video content, doesn’t mean that the repurposed material has to be video… 

One of the beautiful things about video as a medium is that it actually encompasses a number of different content types into one beautiful being. A treat for all senses, if you will. This means that when you look at pulling it apart, you can transform your old video into a number of new styles.

The audio from your video could be used as/within a podcast. Podcasts are everywhere these days. They are an excellent avenue for that extra level of personal communication with your target audience. Repurposed video content can either be converted into a podcast in itself (if it were an interview, for example) or can be the basis of a conversation between your hosts.

You can also take screenshots from your video for a selection of online imagery with that extra little level of panache. Use it across your site, within infographics or even have it printed and use it within the physical world. If you really wanted to head outside the box, you could even turn your video into the likes of an interactive video. This would transform it into a piece that viewers can interact with (as the name unsubtly suggests) and brings a whole new dimension to the content. Not sure how they could actually help your business? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

5. Projects Highlights Reel

Why not merge your old content to create a Megazord-like super video? (The giant robot from Power Rangers for those who didn’t watch the programme as a child). By taking short clips from your original video and combining it with other previous projects, you can create a project highlights reel covering a range of former campaigns.

This display of former showstoppers can be utilised in a range of different ways. Wow existing clients; show your branding off to potential new customers; inspire your internal team with a video that summarises the company ethos.

Looking at creating a multi-purpose video project, or in need of inspiration to help guide your next big animated video campaign? Get in touch with our team today. You can email us at wecanhelp@theanimationguys.com or call us on 0207 2886 319.