It is easy to see why 3D animation and product animation is an absolute no-brainer of a combination. You can show off the greatest features of your product not only in great detail, but in a style of your choosing.

Animation has changed drastically over the years. From the simplest of line-drawing origins, it has morphed into a platform that has broken into the third dimension. Many have harnessed this relatively newfound mastery of the art of 3D animation and used it in a number of applications. This ranges from the latest Pixar movies to captivating adverts that we see every single day. 

And it is the latter that we are here to talk about.

Companies are constantly taking advantage of 3D animation as a means of showcasing their latest products. But why? What does 3D animation have over old school, real world footage?

If you ask us, “everything” would be the answer. And here’s why…

3D product animation

An Introduction to Product Animation

We won’t spend too much time describing what product animation is, as it’s a relatively self-explanatory title. Essentially, we take your product and give it an extra level of pazzazz through some awesome animated visuals. It’s that simple. Well, kind of…

In the case of 3D product animation, it actually entails a meticulous process of 3D modelling, animation, lighting, rendering and all the other techy details that make it possible to enter the third dimension. But my word is it worth it!

3d explainer animation

Research shows that using 3D animated product videos make viewers 144% more likely to purchase your product. One hundred and forty four percent! With stats like that, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are starting to use the process to show off their latest releases.

3D product animation allows you to seamlessly merge branding and product and place your inventory in any scenario that your imagination can muster. Undeniably appealing prospect, am I right?

Enter The Third Dimension

The entry level cost of hiring a 3D animator has gone from being only achievable for large film studios, to now being a cost effective option for businesses of any size. Statistics show that the 3D animation market is due to more than double in value between 2014 and 2024. Everyone is starting to envisage 3D animation as the future. Why? The clean, crisp visuals combined with an extra level of depth and detail brings the animation to life. It adds personality and relatability, giving the impression of footage so real you could almost touch it.

3d product animation
3d product animation

Imagine it like showing off your newest gismo in person. The best salespeople outline the finer details that set you apart from the rest and allow your target audience to get up close and personal with the product to show off its greatest assets. A 3D product animation is as close as you can get to this through a screen.

If you want to take your video advertising to the next level, you could also consider delving into the realms of AR animation…

A Realm of Limitless Possibilities

Some of you may be wondering – if 3D animated product videos bring your product to life, why not just use live action footage instead? The answer is simple: 3D animation allows you to place your product into a world of your own creation.

You have total creative freedom. Take your product’s greatest draws and accentuate them using the environment in which you place it. You can take your product apart, break it down to its finest features or even focus on the minute details that make it the very best. Or really go outside the box and place the environment within the product… We’re talking 3 dimensions people, the (animated) world is your oyster!

Selling a refreshing new tropical drink? Why not place a little paradise inside the bottle?

The latest design of sports trainer? Zoom in on the intricate elements and emphasise them through metaphoric visuals.

A brand new form of technology? Cram all of its multifarious uses within the confines of its physical shell.

Essentially, 3D product animation offers a platform from which to display your product at its very best. 

3d explainer animation

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