Open any newspaper, news app or social media page these days and you are met with a barrage of negativity. Yes, the world is not in its healthiest state and arguably on a collision course with an undesirable future. But we can always veer our planet’s destiny in another direction. How? By inspiring future generations of course.

Using animation, companies can plant a seed of inspiration in the minds of their younger audience. A seed that could eventually grow into a rampaging force of nature driving towards beneficial change both for themselves and society as a whole. Without planting that seed, we are narrowing our chances of improving the future of our younger generations. Plus, with video boasting a 95% message retention rate, it’s a pretty good horse to be backing in this race.

Here’s how inspirational animation videos could play a key factor in inspiring future generations:

Depict The Future - Both Good And Bad

Animation is a media format that allows the creator’s imagination to run free. Want to personify water usage as an old school horror movie antagonist? Done it. Or perhaps turning complex AI/medical crossovers into something visually digestible? Done that too.

Essentially, the platform gives you the ability to conceptualise something that may otherwise be unperceivable. This includes what the future may hold in store. Without sounding too damning, animation can provide a window into what lies down the road based on the consequences of today.

We’re not saying you should warn future generations with ominous threats of fire and brimstone. But it does help them see what sort of future may lie ahead. In doing so, helping them build a future that they desire. The obvious avenue for this one is through climate change animation.

We all know that the effects of global warming are sitting perilously close to our doorstep. Now is the time for action. But what sort of action should that be? Using global warming animation as a tool, you can vividly depict the two available paths to today’s younger generations. This can include the actions required and potential consequences for each.

Capture Future Generations’ Imaginations

Different people are driven by different things. That’s one of the beautiful things about modern society. It is this wide spectrum of passions and drives that makes each of us who we are.

Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” method for ensnaring attention through inspirational animation videos. After all, if you ask any old timer, a lack of attention is one of the key characteristics of Gen Z members…

This is where the diversity of animation comes into play. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, animation has the ability to grab it by the scruff of the neck and drag it from the depths of mundanity.

Inspiring Young Athletes Through Animation

Take sport animation as an example. Undeniably popular, “sport” covers an incredibly broad spectrum of activities. Going beyond the likes of football or tennis, it covers everything from rock climbing to long distance swimming to throwing rocks at dynamite (seriously, we’re not kidding – check it out).

Making one particular story stand out to today’s younger generations can be tasking. That’s where sport animation comes in.

Filling in the gaps left by a mundane, run-of-the-mill interview, it gives you the ability to depict a sporting story that retains all the passion and emotion that comes with the sport in question. Through this visual vehicle, you can characterise all that you are about and pass this infectious passion onto those that are watching.

Check out this awesome video that we created for Team GB boxer Caroline Dubois:

The Power To Change Lives Through Medical Animation

Animation can depict not just the past and present but the future as well. Therefore it can outline not just modern society’s shortfalls but also the remedies that we can apply. However, animations are the perfect vehicle to motivate future generations and ensure the remedies are discovered.

Inspirational animated videos can allude to what needs to be achieved and vividly portray the benefits of doing so. Take medical animation as an example. Often we hear about the healthcare issues befalling modern society, but the remedy is overlooked. Live action footage doesn’t have the ability to show the benefits of these remedies. Animation does.

Imagine a video that breaks down a theoretical future procedure that hasn’t been invented yet. Taking things down to a molecular level and detailing the theory and education behind the process. Not only that, but depicting it in a manner that is digestible even to those without the slightest sniff of a medical background. This is something that animated videos alone can achieve. 

By showing the difference that can be made by individual and societal actions, an animated social change video has the power to inspire long term behavioural transformation. It could prove to

Medical Animation

be the initial influential nudge that will eventually snowball into the latest medical breakthrough. By showing future generations what they have the potential to achieve, inspirational animation videos can inspire change in a multitude of different ways. 

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