2021 – what a year it was. The whole planet continued to ride the rollercoaster of emotions that is the pandemic. We have all been caught in a strange and unnatural limbo of lockdowns, social distancing and frankly bizarre news stories. Plus, there seems to be a new COVID variant waiting around every corner. But rather than linger over the negative events of last year, we have decided to focus on some of the more positive highlights.

We have been involved in some awesome projects with companies that vary from local startups to well-renowned household names. Our projects have ranged from vibrant character animation on a popular educational kid’s show to social media animation of a British Olympian to explainer videos for one of the biggest climate change events of the year.

So to help put a positive spin on what was a pretty crazy year, here are some of our favourite projects of 2021:

COP26 – Climate Change Animation

In this project we worked on 4 minutes of video that would help to explain the grave issues our planet is facing as a result of severe deforestation. As the company we worked for (FACT Dialogue) was a new enterprise created in the lead up to the COP26 event, their branding and style hadn’t fully formed yet. This offered an appealing challenge to our team of animators!

Using the company’s eye-catching set of patterns as our base inspiration, we went about creating a video that had to appeal to the entire globe (no sweat, right?).

The final videos combined appealing colours with potent messaging, each with their own unique job in spreading the message of the effects of deforestation. Both we and the clients were happy with the results and we even got to work with some famous faces, which is always pretty cool.

Beyond the animation, it was also great to be involved in a climate change project that was aimed at helping set our planet down the right path.

BBC Sport – Interview With An Olympian

When it comes to professional sport, it is probably fair to say that nothing surpasses the feat of representing your country at an Olympics. So, when we were tasked by BBC Sport to create an animation around an interview with Olympian Caroline Dubois, how could we possibly say anything but “Yes!”?

A boxer with an incredible story behind her, Dubois’ tale was one rife with passionate emotion, so we had to get both the animated snippets and the flow of the interview just right.

We used an expressive animation style that helped visualise the trials and tribulations that Dubois faced during her boxing career. This also helped the footage translate into social media animation snippets, allowing the content to be applicable to a wider array of platforms, which is always handy for increased exposure.

We loved working with BBC Sport, as the team gave us free rein when it came to creative ideas and it was an honour to work on a project that would help share the story of an influential athlete’s journey to her pinnacle.

CBeebies – Vibrant 3D Character Design

Ask any pre-schooler you know – where’s the best place to catch premium animated TV shows? If they can talk, we reckon there’s a good chance that CBeebies would sit somewhere near the top of their recommendations. So, when we were offered the chance to work with them on a character design project, we were like kids in a proverbial candy shop.

Working on the show ‘What’s On Your Head?’ – designed to educate kids across the UK about different cultures and lifestyles – we had to create a team of animated characters that would bring the show to life. Using abstract shapes and more colours than any rainbow we have ever laid eyes on, we created a group of lovable 3D characters that, alongside some slick graphic effects (GFX), would help teach and educate young kids across the country. A lot of fun all round!

ASUS – Animated Tech Protection

Working alongside ASUS on their new Zencare Protection program offered us a brilliant opportunity to put our animating skills to the test with a worldwide computer tech giant. Analysing their current brand profile, we had to assess how we could take it to the next step as well as create consistency across the brand’s different media platforms.

Given ASUS’s global audience, we wanted to create animated clips and infographics that would convey the company’s messaging efficiently from the first watch. We also needed to strike that fine balance between being too lighthearted or whimsical and creating something too overbearingly corporate. The resulting motion graphics combined a slick, professional look with bright and engaging messaging that brought life to the new product.

Have those case studies got you excited to get cracking on your business’s animation? We thought that might be the case! Don’t hang about, get in touch today and speak to a member of our amazing animation team to find out how you can harness the power of brand animation to take your branding to the next level. 

Feel like you need further inspiration? Check out our portfolio to see the incredible projects we have worked on with other amazing brands.