Creating an all-encompassing slogan around your brand is no mean feat.

Trying to incorporate every little thing that makes your business tick on a day to day basis – from the people to the projects to the all-round panache – can often prove tricky. We’ve not only gone and done that, but have also created an animation (surprise surprise) to accompany it.

We are celebrating our brand and all the beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary work that we have been involved in and will continue to be involved in as the time train chugs on. We are immensely proud of every single individual who has helped us develop into the brand that we are today. At the end of the day it is them who make TAG, well…TAG.

And what better way of summarising that than by creating a brand video that everyone in our studio has contributed to? We like to think that it embodies the wonderful weirdness, colossal creativity and vivacious versatility that sits at the very core of everything that our brand creates.

Check out our brand video below:

But what exactly do we mean by

“Beautiful, Wonderful, Extraordinary”

Here’s a little run down of how these three simple words help drive us every day:


The beauty in TAG is the creation of striking, visually stunning and thoughtful work.

It’s no secret – we LOVE all things animation. The endless array of totally unique visuals. The immense adaptability that it brings to the table. The fact that nothing holds you back other than the boundaries of your own wonderful imagination. We could go on forever.

This passion of ours is poured into every video that we create. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wacky children’s cartoon, an enlightening explainer video on climate change or engaging short clips for use in the real world. Animation is what we think of when we wake up every morning and what we dream of when we sleep at night.

Our work spans across a wide array of industries, styles and even dimensions… And it is this undeniably fantastic variety that we find most strikingly beautiful of all.


What wonderful means to TAG is connecting with people on a deeper human level.

Human connection is a big BIG part of what we do. It doesn’t matter if it’s chilling with the team on a sunny visit to the park (cue wonderfully cheesy team pic) or getting to the heart of what it is that our clients are seeking from a particular project.

Internally, we value a deeper connection among our team. Having moved to our new studio, we have seen our company culture flourish into a thing of beauty (with a helping hand from the table tennis table and darts board ensemble). Working with people who are on the same wavelength and have their thoughts and feelings heard by all is a crucial factor here at TAG.

Externally, connection with our clients is a pivotal piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is The Animation Guys’ way of working. Our team seeks to burrow down to the centre of what it is that you magnificent people desire from your animation project. From here, we can begin to build something wonderful with you step by step. We strive to work as an extra branch of your team, so that familiarity and connection runs through the project from start to finish.


Pushing the boundaries to transform the ordinary in mind-boggling ways.

Animation’s potential is limitless. Literally. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Forget thinking outside the box. We like to think that the box never existed in the first place. With this kind of attitude, we can help open your mind to the notion of completely new ideas. Working with a wide array of clients, whose industries vary from climate change to sport to charity, we have adopted a greater scope of possibilities when looking at a new project.

Working closely with you, we can help transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Regardless of the nature of your next brand video project, we are here to help. We’d love to make beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary with you. If you feel the same, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 2886 319 or email us at