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Health & Safety Animation

Health & Safety Animation Introduction

Health & Safety is a key topic that affects all levels of society, whether that be businesses & their employees or the general public & everyone in-between. Animation is perfect for this job and has become the go-to for business safety across the globe. This is because complicated ideas can be clearly and easily explained through the medium of animation & video. And, as a bonus, they’re fun to watch! Whether it’s iconography, infographics, stylised recreations of situations or full-blown character animation. Your message will be clear and your employees will be well trained, informed and ultimately safe!

The Benefits Of Animation

Health & Safety animations are important because they allow you to explore dangerous scenarios & complicated topics, whilst still delivering a professional and engaging branded result. We understand that delivering effective health & safety videos is a serious matter for businesses and governments. Yet, you can have fun with them. This could be putting characters in different situations or showing different approaches. Animation enables you to refine your message & tone in a way that may be limited by traditional methods. Elevating your message beyond a typical PowerPoint presentation enables your message to stick in the minds of the audience and that in turn makes everyone safer.

Why Animation Works So Well

Few mediums are as versatile and focused as animation for clearly explaining the difficult topics that health and safety videos address. They are bespoke & tailored to your message and branding so that it is perfectly fitted to your needs. Health and safety never looked so good! For example, some sites may be too difficult to access easily and cheaply or maybe the space is unsuitable for live filming. Animation gives you control over everything and everyone, making your video effective from the first watch.

When to use Health And Safety Animations

  • When filming isn’t practical
  • Reconstructing a dangerous situation
  • Explaining your safe systems of work (SSOW)
  • When you need to address a large, varied workforce
  • Launching a new safety initiative
  • Communicating with an overseas workforce
  • Explaining practices in an engaging, memorable way
  • When you don’t want to watch another long voiceover video

Connecting With The Customer

Not all health and safety animations need to be serious. Animation has the amazing ability to carry a huge variety of tones effectively & seamlessly. By adding a little fun to your health & safety animation, you make it more memorable for the audience. This, in turn, makes your message stick in their minds that much more. This could be through explaining correct PPE usage, safety inductions, correct fire procedures and much much more. Health and safety animations transform your message into one which is simple but effective every time it’s watched.

Time To Revolutionise Health & Safety

Animation provokes disinterested audiences. Its brings safety into the 21st century. Whether you’re explaining the cause of accidents, motivating individuals, explaining the rules, or training the next generation, animation opens up the doors to promote safe behaviours and even safer practices. Get in touch today to find out why animation is the perfect tool to make everyone safer.

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    Our health & safety animation blogs and case studies can be found below

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    Insurance Animation

    Insurance Animation

    Insurance Animation Introduction

    Expertly crafted animated videos can help people navigate complex, information-heavy topics. If keeping customers informed & up to date is a key USP for you, then animation can help you achieve that in a fun and effective way.

    We all know videos are far more interesting than long paragraphs of text, including the one you’re reading! If you’re an insurance company, you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing your product and informing your customers. It’s not because insurance is boring, it’s just that insurance isn’t the sort of thing that can be easily explained conventionally. When you have something as complex as insurance, even when it is amazing and interesting. It’s not going to engage and grab anyone if nobody can understand it easily. This is where an insurance animation fits in.

    The Benefits Of Animation

    An insurance animation is designed and crafted by a bespoke animation company, hooking your audience immediately. Without having to rely on drawbacks that may inhibit a live-action production, and racking up additional costs. An insurance animation is unburdened by such earthly tethers. If you can think it, then it can be done.

    Why Animation Works So Well

    One key reason animation works so well for insurance is that animated videos deliver ideas, concepts and messages in a clearly and engagingly. These messages can be very complex and still, they can be shown in an easily digestible way. This is what has made animation so popular a medium. By showing a complex idea visually, you can help people to understand something that they wouldn’t have if they had read a long paragraph our work of text. We created a bright and fun explainer video for Grenson Motors to help explain Gap insurance for vehicles. We did this using a character-led video that keeps the viewer engaged, delivering fun & comedy in the process!

    Improving Understanding

    Additionally, insurance animations are especially great at discussing difficult topics within insurance such as billing statements, policy coverage or endorsements. By explaining your services in a clear way to your audience, you are more likely to connect with them and stop them from switching off. This makes it easy for people to grasp the concepts and understand the advantages of different policies & services.

    Connecting With The Customer

    Customers appreciate unique videos that tie into the branding they know and chose for their insurance. When we created a Feature Promo for Home & Legacy, we tied the colour of the animation into the established colour palettes they had for each of their different services. This enables their audience to link what they are viewing in the video & what they are already used to dealing with.

    Time To Revolutionise Insurance Understanding

    Many insurance companies have also turned to animated videos to help gain customer attention, improve the transparency and understanding of their services. Just as new Fintech companies have revolutionised the banking sector and made things clearer and easier for consumers, animation can do that for insurance.

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      Our insurance animation blogs and case studies can be found below

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      Event Highlight Video

      So you’ve got a big event coming up. There’s going to be hundreds of people attending. You’re keen to find a way to keep them engaged with your content after the event. How do you collate your content and present it in a way that adds to the longevity and re-usability of all the hard work that was put into the event itself? What you need is an animated event highlight video.

      This is an innovative, short form and digestible piece of content that helps summarise topics and key points from the event into a flowing piece of content ready for the avid viewer online.

      Event Highlight Video

      Why Does An Event Highlight Animation Work So Well?

      An event highlight animation takes recorded audio from your talk, presentation or interview and augments it into the world of animation. It can be branded to fit your company or reflect the look of the event itself. There are multiple benefits and possibilities of animation. You can access a wide audience with your topic of conversation and the story that is being told. You can re-engage people who came to the event, helping to increase follow-ups and interaction with your brand. Also, an event highlight animation can help bring the event into new spaces both online and offline.

      Why Choose An Animated Event Highlight Video?

      All of these things can be done through clever design and interesting characters. It has been proven that animation is highly engaging in the way it connects with viewers compared to simple static live-action footage. It allows attendees to recap the event in a new and exciting way that isn’t just a shortcut of footage from the event that they’ve already seen. Another benefit of an event highlight animation is that animation can explain complex topics through the medium of animation. Compare animation to a small presentation slide, on a stage. You’re already leaps and bounds ahead in terms of interest and effective communication!

      University Animation

      Shareability & Added Exposure

      In addition to sharing an event highlight animation within your regular content circles and channels, it also benefits from its appeal to others. Your animation becomes an asset that can be shared on the various speakers’ own channels. Who doesn’t want to have an illustrated character of themselves? If it shows them off in a high production manner without any effort on their part. This is free marketing for them and extra promotion for you.

      A Success Story!

      Here is an example of an event highlight video we recently created for the Award-Winning Virtual Reality (VR) and Creative Production Agency | REWIND. The event was called “Does Technology Help Or Hinder Humanity? A Discussion With Sir Martyn Lewis”

      We took audio from this event that was over an hour long and distilled it down to a 2-minute animation that sums up the various topics in a digestible way. The benefits of this are tenfold. We used the magic of animation to explain topics visually whilst also being fun and accessible. This kind of animation lends itself well to sharing on social media platforms. It can also bring in a new audience that doesn’t have the time to sit and watch an hour-long talk, but wants to find out more about the topic that was discussed.

      Whatever your event, animation can only benefit your company once the doors have closed and the lights are off.

      Get in touch today to find out how an event highlight animation can benefit you.

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        More information on event highlight animations

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        Medical Animation

        Medical Animation Introduction

        A medical animation is a powerful tool for conveying messages in a clear and engaging way. In particular, animation can help you simplify complex terms and present information at the right tone for your audience. It can inspire, motivate and incite action. This makes it the perfect medium for communicating to audiences within the medical and healthcare industries.

        Medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have started using medical animation to showcase their wide and diverse range of products, services and advancements. The most complicated ideas, theories and processes in healthcare can now be shown and explained quickly and clearly, with the help of a healthcare animation.

        The Growth Of Medical Animation

        Medical animation is a growing medium for improving patient communication. Encouraging a patient to watch a video that inducts them into a process can be far simpler and more effective than an individual doctor explaining it verbally. Medical professionals have found that animations can convey important information to the patient, even before they see a doctor for the first time. If a patient searches for medical help online first, which is becoming more and more common, a video on the website can provide medical institutions with the tools to share vital information. A video can help a prospective patient understand their medical conditions, the medicine they may need to take or even the procedures they may have to undergo. With healthcare animation, it’s possible to zoom down to a molecular level, slow things down and generally, do many things that would be impossible in live-action filming.

        Simplify Your Product/Service

        Animation is a key player when it comes to simplifying complex models, devices and methods. Something that may take much longer to explain through text or a voiceover can be explained in seconds with animation. Creating a healthcare animation to share an aspect of your healthcare organisation, whether to a business audience or straight to the patient, will free up your time to focus on other, more vital jobs.

        Medical Explainer Videos

        Healthcare animations are produced with an emphasis on accurate visualisation and clear explanations. They’re also sometimes called medical explainer videos. Whatever you choose to call them, healthcare animations or medical explainer videos are adaptable and one version can usually be adjusted for different audiences, rather than needing to create new versions each time. This project we completed with Devyser helped to explain a new complicated process they had developed in a visually interesting and engaging way. 

        Visualise The Process

        Medical animations for visualising processes inside the body are most commonly seen using 3D Animation. They can depict an incredible array of microscopic processes and functions. However, this is just one small sector of healthcare animations. Animation can be used in marketing to explain complicated topics to an audience without worrying about technical topics. It can also be used to connect with audiences through video marketing strategies via social media or a video on a website landing page. 

        Devyser Test Tube Box

        Benefit The Patient

        Using medical animations can only benefit the patient, allowing them to feel secure and far more prepared before going to their appointment. Once inside a medical facility, animation can further help medical professionals in their roles. Many patients do not have in-depth knowledge in medicine so it can be time consuming for doctors to explain complex conditions or procedures in a digestible way. Furthermore, a patient may not want to see real footage of medical procedures and animation creates a non-graphic way for them to visualise a potential procedure. Medical animation is a more accessible and palatable channel for informing or preparing patients – it allows the healthcare professional and patient to find common ground. 

        Healthcare Animation For Training

        A healthcare animation can also be an effective tool for training medical professionals. Due to the level of detail that can be shown and the amount of information that can be condensed into a single visual animation, this type of video is ideal for training. Educators can use the tools of animation to explain a broad range of topics to their audience. This is important for medical professionals in training who benefit from clear and precise instructions on how to use certain pieces of equipment. 

        In all these scenarios, animation can help to improve various methods of communication within the healthcare and medical sectors.

        When it comes to creating powerful healthcare animations that can inform, educate, prepare or reassure viewers, this is what we do best and is where our experience lies.

        Time To Transform Your Healthcare Marketing

        Being a specialist in medical video marketing and having worked with a variety of different clients in the healthcare sector, we have learnt how to get the most from your animated video. Be it to showcase a new product or service or to explain something to a patient we can work with you to ensure the messaging is clear, concise and engaging. You can also get in contact with us to talk through your creative vision. We are here to help you tell your story.

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          Our medical animation blogs and case studies can be found below

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          3d explainer animation

          TV Adverts

          An animated tv advert is a form of video that enables a company to advertise itself in a compelling memorable way to a large national or international audience.

          Get More Bang For Your Buck

          As technology has improved and become faster and cheaper, more and more we are seeing a surge in the number of companies turning to animation. They can use it as a way to tell a comprehensive story to prospective customers. This is due to the many benefits it offers a company in terms of production & flexibility.

          Animation is also able to work around production delays, allowing for changes in the later stages. This means that if you want to tweak something in the latter stages of the process you won’t have to empty your pockets in order to set up the shoot all over again.

          Give Your Imagination Free Rein

          An animated tv advert also has the ability to achieve inconceivable things in real life. Adding to the memorable nature that makes advertising campaigns successful.

          Animated TV adverts can provide a much lower cost option compared to traditional advertising. Live action adverts have to hire actors, models or renowned individuals. Animation can create bespoke characters that not only align with your brand but can look exactly how you want them to down to the finest detail, no matter how over the top. For example, if you wanted a giant green dragon to be the face of your company, you’d do well to find one willing to commit to live action adverts. Why not have us create one for you instead?

          Engage Your Audience

          Animated TV adverts are generally fun to watch and help to create a higher viewer engagement than a traditional advert. It helps it to stand out and not fade into the background. The ability for the animation to also easily involve humour, keeps the viewer entertained. Additionally, it invites the sharing of that content and the potential for it to go viral. After all, who doesn’t want their company to become a social media phenomenon? This bonus marketing potential is one that has been capitalized on by many companies. 

          Conversely, choosing a style of animated TV advert that plays on the heartstrings of your audience is easily achievable within the scope of animation. By using common or current issues, this allows the animation to relate to peoples’ lives more. 

          Using inspirational messages can help strengthen a brand and are often universal in their appeal. Tie that in with animation and you have a winning combination.

          Broaden Your Audience

          TV advertising enables a business to reach a far wider audience, leading to increased brand awareness. Everybody and their mother owns a TV in the UK and beyond, allowing for a huge boost in brand exposure. 

          Animated TV adverts can also appeal to a wider audience in a more demographic sense, drawing the attention of young and old regardless of any potential social differences. Let’s be honest, who didn’t love animation as a child and still hold some of their animated favourites close to their hearts? Also, regardless of their age, gender or any other social label, individuals are far more inclined to remember a distinctive animated video than another actor’s face gracing their screen.

          Combine TV And Digital

          Campaigns that use TV and online in tandem are very powerful. They have the ability to convert customers across multiple channels simultaneously.

          By tapping into all the resources available at hand, a company using animated TV ads can rebrand and reshape the content easily for different channels. This allows for increased reusability and variety all in one neatly packaged animated TV advert.

          To learn more, get in touch now!

          Want your project to walk the walk?Let’s talk the talk.

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          Explore one of our TV Adverts

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          Motion Graphics Examples

          Motion Graphics

          Would you rather read a detailed 20 page document or watch a snappy 60 second video? We can guess the answer.

          As a motion graphics agency it’s unsurprising that motion graphics are becoming the preferred medium of choice for companies when communicating with staff, stakeholders and customers. Video is fun, engaging and more memorable than documents too. Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text.

          When it comes to choosing the right animation style for a corporate video or sales message, motion graphics remain a popular choice. Motion graphics are often referred to as animated graphic design. They are a unique animation channel that create the illusion of movement in some form, usually accompanied by music or a voiceover.

          The way we consume messages continues to change as technology evolves, and animation styles are becoming more innovative and exciting all the time. These days, almost half of consumers would rather watch a video than read the same information in a traditional text format. Companies are becoming wise to this trend and responding in turn, with great success!

          Animated video is the preferred communication style for brands who want to engage with their audience. In fact, 93% of digital marketers say that using video as a Marketing tool has won them new customers. More than half of users engaged with a brand after watching one of their videos on social media.  

          Motion graphics are simple to create and are very versatile, so they’re a great option to include within your video marketing strategy. Their versatility lends itself to creating elegant professional videos or more quirky, abstract pieces. With motion graphics you can convey almost any idea, educate your audience, share a serious message or simply have a bit of fun.

          Motion graphics have a long life cycle (they age well!) and can even work well alongside other styles within a single animated video. They can be combined with live-action video to help strengthen a message, or add some interest as a visual accompaniment. They are also a fantastic format for sharing complex data and stats, making information more digestible and memorable to viewers. The only limit to your use of motion graphics is your imagination (or your marketing budget!)

          Want your project to walk the walk?Let’s talk the talk.

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          Check out our Motion Graphics

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          Charity Animation

          Experts in Charity Animation

          Animation videos for Charities are one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to get your message across to your audience. 

          When it comes to creating your Charity Animation, there are loads of different animation styles and video formats to consider. And, here at The Animation Guys, we’ve worked with a variety of charities to create entirely bespoke animations, videos and graphics that create a lasting impression. To the right you’ll see an example of our latest Charity Animation; a simple but powerful 2D video that highlights the importance of treating animals with kindness. The video was created to improve awareness of animal cruelty that goes on in South African communities.

          Why Do We Care So Much About Charities

          We live and breathe video animation and working closely with charities we’re proud to help them achieve their meaningful missions and goals. Be it supporting movements, raising awareness of important issues or helping those in need, we relish the chance to develop a narrative using visual and engaging content to connect with key stakeholders.

          Charity Animation With A Purpose

          We believe that, while it’s great to design videos and graphics that look nice, the most important aspect of your Charity Animation is that it’s effective!     

          We already know that video is by far the most memorable marketing channel available (especially when compared to written comms). Using a clever mix of story line, script, design, animation style, voice over or music, you can create a Charity Animation that not only looks fantastic, but sends a strong message that your audience won’t forget.

          Set The Tone

          The biggest challenge when creating a meaningful Charity Animation is getting the tone of voice just right. Even the most serious or difficult subjects can be tackled with some thoughtful consideration of the tone. In our experience, simplelight but impactful usually works best. 

          We’ll work with you to make sure the tone of your animation is perfect for your audience.



          Pick Your Target Audience

          While you can create a video that appeals to everyone, sometimes it’s more effective to focus on one or two key audiences and create a Charity Animation with them in mind. 

          A good example is the 2D video we created for The Mix, a charity that supports young people under the age of 25. With a very wide range of ages and issues to cover, we decided to focus on just one case study. The video showcases the challenges of one individual and how The Mix helped him through the issues he was facing.

          Specialist Animation

          Choose An Animation Style

          If you’re unsure about how to choose the right style for your charity animation, we can help!

          We’ve done a lot of research into the Science behind how people process information and what this means when choosing the right animation style for your target audience. A Charity Animation is also an opportunity to showcase your brand to anyone who isn’t familiar with your cause. We can help you make sure your video or graphics do a great job of telling your story and introducing your brand.

          Let’s Bring Your Charity Animation To Life

          Drawing on our experience in Charity Animation and a wealth of expertise in videos and graphics, we’d love to help you showcase your Charity’s brand and get your message across. Let’s discuss your objectives and share some ideas about how to harness the power of animation!

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            Our charity blogs and case studies below

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            Infographic Video

            Infographic Video

            If you need to share complex data in a digestible format, an infographic video is an ideal solution.

            An infographic video can simplify complicated information by displaying them visually, either as a static image or as an engaging animation. They can cover any subject, from simple data representations to detailed analytics and statistical breakdowns. Using images, icons and illustrations to tell the story, information becomes easier to understand. Infographics are more digestible too; their visual format makes it simple for viewers to spot patterns and trends, without needing to sift through endless data sheets or lengthy presentations. Demand for infographics has increased dramatically over the past few years and they remain one of the most shareable content formats on social media.

            Infographics are reasonably quick to produce, so they have lower production costs compared to many other forms of animation. This is because they use existing information, rather than creating new content from scratch. The information is collated from established sources, then designed into an image rich representation that is displayed on-screen.

            Infographic explainer video screenshot

            As the digital landscape evolves, video is becoming one of the most popular and engaging storytelling platforms for marketers. Static image infographics are still effective, but audiences are proven to spend 88% more time on websites that have video content.

            This is where animated infographic videos can work their magic…

            By bringing your infographics to life with motion, you’ll enjoy better engagement from your audience. Your facts and figures will be more memorable too – viewers retain 95% of the information in a video compared to just 10% when reading it in text!

            An animated infographic will bring your information to life. Much like other animated video formats, your story will flow through a series of carefully constructed scenes – and you can even add music and voiceover for extra wow factor. 

            You can use infographics to display a large variety of data. There are multiple versatile ways to achieve this such as maps, timelines or exploded views, just to name just a few. Animated infographics can support pretty much any project or goal, including product or service explanations, education, business development, recruitment, training, corporate videos or just pure entertainment!

            See below for examples of animated infographics we’ve produced for our clients. If you would like to find out more about how animation could help your business, do get in touch.

            Want your project to walk the walk?Let’s talk the talk.

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            Check out our Infographics

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            Fintech Animation

            History Of Fintech

            Over the last decade, fintech has entered the public eye like never before. From your ‘hot coral’ bank cards to making tax digital, it is hard to hide from the impact Fintech has had on daily life.

            Fintech has changed the world. But just because we’re more aware of it now, does that mean it never existed before? Far from it!

            To celebrate the growth of fintech we decided to look back and explore the ‘history of fintech’ and how it has evolved to what it is today. Rather than bore you with a downloadable PDF or slide deck we did what we do best and put it into a concise and easy to understand animated video! Enjoy.

            Why Do We Care So Much About Fintech

            Because for us, Fintech offers infinite potential. We believe we’ve only skimmed the surface of what it’s going to deliver to us all, personally and professionally. We are confident that video marketing is the best way to communicate this potential and launch new concepts and products to any audience.

            Whether you want to create a conceptual video to help staff and stakeholders understand where you’re going as a Fintech business. Or, you need some cool animations to power your website, marketing campaign or social media strategy. We’ll utilise the perfect mix of graphics, design styles, motion and audio to get your message across.


            Engage Your Audience

            Traditionally many people have thought of finance as a dull subject, but we know how to prove them wrong. A video that is visually engaging, inspiring and captivating will capture the attention of even the most dubious audience!

            AI Generated Animation
            fintech showcasing your product

            Showcase Data Effectively

            Showcasing data and numbers in an informative and engaging way is vital for fintech companies to convey their innovation and offers. Can you imagine trying to explain a personalised data algorithm to a client over PowerPoint or email?! Let the power of animation do the hard work for you.

            An animated video is a great way to showcase data and key product benefits in a visual format that’s easy to understand. Visually fluid movement paired with a clear and digestible voiceover will make sure your fintech animation showcasing your product/service stands out from the crowd.


            Bring Your Brand To Life

            An animated video breathes life into your brand and provides you with an advanced marketing element in which to showcase your product/service. With fintech branding so fiercely competitive, now has never been more important to add some vigour to your marketing strategy and get a step ahead of your competition.

            Let Us Transform Your Fintech Marketing

            Being a specialist in Fintech video marketing and having worked with a variety of Fintech clients, we know how to get the most from your marketing video. Be it to showcase a project to clients/customers or as staff engagement piece, we can work with you from conception to creation.

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              Our fintech animation blogs and case studies below

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              Video Marketing Trends 2020

              Video Marketing Strategies

              Regardless of your industry, if you’re producing video content, it’s crucial you have considered the different types of video marketing strategies.

              A clear and carefully considered plan of how video sits within the wider marketing mix will ensure all content works as hard as it can. Businesses that take the time to build a strategy before firing out video content are the ones that will reap rewards. Those that don’t are likely to be missing a trick. To put it in simpler terms, videos are ingredients. It’s a video marketing strategy that turns those ingredients into a meal.

              Here at The Animation Guys, we love to get under the skin of a business before we even touch a storyboard. We link up with the marketing team, find out what content they want to make, who they’re making it for and what they want their audience’s experience to be. We find out how their audience is engaging with them currently and how they want it to change over the coming months or years. To make videos that deliver real value, it’s essential to understand the context they’ll live in.

              A video marketing strategy is for the long term. It takes into account all the elements of video content (explainer videos, social media videos, tutorial videos, testimonial videos etc) and works out how they can feed into the bigger picture over time. Working this way has helped us get closer to our client’s challenges, which means our video output can be even more effective. It’s also formed relationships that have lasted for years.

              Want to start producing video content but not sure where to start? Already producing it but it’s not hitting the spot? A video marketing strategy could be the answer. If you’re interested in finding out more, drop us a line.

              Check out our Video Marketing Strategies Portfolio

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